People are pouring in to sample the billboard's built-in pump that dispenses free beer

Is this the best poster in the world?


Well, that's the question Carlsberg are asking - and they're offering half a pint of cool beer to sweeten the deal. 


A billboard advert complete with a beer pump sprung up this week at the Old Trumen Brewery in London's Brick Lane. 


Dispensing free Northamptonshire-brewed beer, the Twittersphere couldn't contain their delight.  


Stuart Aitken tweet

Via Twitter / Stuart_Aitken

If you missed the impromptu party, relax. The billboard is going to be rolled out across the country this year.


Well played Carlsberg, well played. 

Ramen noodles

Goblinbox / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: goblinbox


This got us thinking, what if Homemade was given this kind of power? Behold our dream scenarios...


What if: We were in government
What we’d do: Implement a Friday afternoon G&T rule (for those that wanted, obvs)
Why: Sometimes only a G&T knows how to get you into that weekend state of mind

What if: We ran the NHS
What we’d do: Ramen noodles for cold sufferers
Why: Ramengeddon is real people and nothing soothes the soul quite like it

What if: We ran the underground
What we’d do: Rush hour bacon sandwiches for all
Why: Nothing has such standalone power as a succulent strip of bacon plucked from the frying pan and sandwiched between two slices of bread. Tube rage would wash straight over you.

What if: We ran a pop-up
What we'd do: A pop-up dedicated to that chocolatey hazelnut spread that will never get old - Nutella
Why: There’s the Nutella lasagna, the burger, the pizza, the croissant … do we need to continue?