Taking a bite into a crisp apple or sweet, juicy pear is an everyday pleasure we can all enjoy. And we have dozens of delicious British apple and pear varieties for you to try.

See how our apple farmer Tony had a brilliant idea to grow more tasty & delicious apples with flat apple trees.

Our Concept Orchards

Britain's traditional apple and pear orchards have dwindled in recent years. That's why we launched our pioneering Concept Orchards in 2006. We now have four orchards in Kent, where new growing methods and varieties are trialled, giving British apple and pear production a much-needed boost.

Apple orchard

No.1 for British apples and pears

Did you know Sainsbury's is officially the no.1 supermarket for British apples and pears, according to independent figures? Here's why:

  • During the British season we sell 260 million delicious home-grown apples and pears.
  • We've sold 13,000 tonnes more British apples and pears than any other retailer since 2008.
  • We're Bramley Retailer of the Year, and the only supermarket to stock apples descended from the original Bramley apple.
  • Our Best of British apple bag contains four apples selected from 45 different varieties - including new and Heritage varieties.
  • We work closely with our growers to protect the environment, using the minimal amount of resources such as water and fossil fuels. 

Apples & pears by numbers

Apples & pears by numbers

Time to try

With the British apple season in full swing, now's the best time to tuck into your favourite varieties. Download our free guide to the best apples to enjoy throughout the season - it's full of fun tasting notes, top tips and more.