Rough Guide readers say Italian cuisine is the best in the world, but we can’t say that we're surprised

Just think of the thin-base pizzas cradling oozing pieces of melted mozzarella and topped by olive oil and fresh basil.

Or a bowl of al dente pasta, coated in pesto and topped with pine nuts and a sprinkling of parmesan.

We haven’t even got round to how much we love the country's risottos, arancini, fresh salads, focaccia, tiramisu, panna cotta…

The Italians beat off stiff competition from Thailand, India, Japan, China and Vietman to grab the top spot.

Somewhat surprisingly, England was voted in at  number 13, just above Lebanon and Malaysia.

All hail the humble roast dinner, toad in the hole and bread and butter pudding.

Here's the full list:


Via: Homemade

1. Italy

2. Thailand

3. India

4. Japan

5. Vietnam

6. China

7. France


Via: Homemade

8. Indonesia

9. Mexico

10. Singapore

11. Spain

12. Turkey

13. England

14. Lebanon

15. Malaysia