Here's the award-winning food you need to be getting your mouth around. This year's YBFs were spectacular and each winner will undoubtedly be big news in 2016

Britain's best young foodies were announced last night

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If there's one thing the Young British Foodie (YBFs) awards know, it's great food. Now in its fourth year, it celebrates the best of new British cooking, baking, food and drinking and also gives just a little bit of a clue of who's going to be totally bossing it on the food scene in the next coming year.


You only need to look at some of the previous winners such as chef Tomos Parry of Kitty Fisher's, the super-hyped Bao restaurant, street food favourite The Rib Man or caffeine curators Sandows, to see just how crystal ball-like the awards have been in predicting the stellar success of certain foodies.


So, naturally, we were very intrigued to see who would be awarded the accolades this year. Mainly so we could eat some of their delights as soon as possible, so we could boast, "Well, of course, I've been eating here since before they went huge."


Via: Laura Martin/Homemade

Brawn terrine with smoked egg yolk and popped pork by Shoot The Bull

The awards took place in the incredible setting of Tate Britain on Tuesday 15 September and the nominated people, and some previous winners, cooked up an incredible selection of canapés, cakes and cocktails for the 400-strong audience to enjoy. The breadth, creativity and taste sensations of the offerings were a credit to everyone involved. We mean, just look at some of this food:


Via: Laura Martin/Homemade

Charcuterie by the excellent Cobble Lane Cured

Anyway, you'll be wanting to know who triumphed, right?


Here's the full list of the winners you'll definitely want to swat up on. And by swat up on, we mean feast on.


The winners

Baking: Lucie Bennett from Fleur de Sal

Chef:  Adam Rawson from Pachamama

Meat: Will Yates from Billy Franks

Food Writing: Laura Goodman for

Coffee: Alex Kragiopoulos from North Star Roasters

Street Food: Hannah Lovett & Marcelo Sandoval from Yakumama

Vegetable: Phil Walther from Croft Kitchen

Alcohol: Tom Gosnell from Gosnell's London Mead

Honorary: Matt Chatfield from The Cornwall Project


Congrats, everyone!


Via: Laura Martin/Homemade

Pretty canales by Babelle 

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