Because it's 2015, you'll now be able to eat pulled pork on the Beeb's car park rooftop

Take these deep-fried wings and learn to fly away …

Well, this is one way you’ll be able to have dinner on the BBC. Not that the Beeb will be picking up the bill, mind you. It’s literally you, eating on the top floor of their old television studios’ car park in London, as a street food market is set to open there on 31 July.


Yes, the old 80s building in west London that hosted everything from Noel’s House Party to Blue Peter will now be serving up bloody marys and French-American fusion snacks. Fancy, huh?


Called Storeys, it’s followed the route of every other hip leisure space at the moment and will feature two floors of al fresco dining including vendors like Crabbieshack, Randy’s Wing Bar, White Men Can’t Jerk, Melt & Co and Pulled (just why is everyone so obsessed with pulled pork?). There will also obviously be rooftop yoga, day beds to chill out on, open-air film screenings and DJs bringing the vibe, too.


It’ll be open on Fridays from 5pm to 11pm, then on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am until late.


But what we really want to know is: when can we have an urban picnic in the Blue Peter garden?

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