Sainsbury's has kicked off its pioneering project to help people waste less food by awarding the town in Derbyshire £1 million

Image: The Waste less, Save more winner is...Swadlincote

Via: Sainsbury's

Who doesn't want to waste less and save more money? As we work towards being more shopping savvy and eco-friendly, Sainsbury's has announced the winner of its Waste less, Save more town search.


People from across the country entered the competition with great ideas to help save food and money, ranging from talking bins and urban wormeries to community orchards.


The entries were whittled down to five towns – Hinckley, Swadlincote, Loughborough, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Shrewsbury – and on 1 December Swandlincote was chosen as the winner thanks to its strong sense of community and super ideas for how to waste less and save more. The town will receive £1 million to fund and test out some of the most cutting-edge ideas and innovations in reducing food waste.


The campaign was launched in response to a survey of 5,000 Sainsbury's customers, designed to find out what mattered most to shoppers. The results showed a clear desire to reduce the amount of food wasted.


No surprise when UK-wide stats show that, on average, a UK family throws away £700 worth of edible food a year.


Via: Sainsbury's


Sainsbury's decided to launch the Waste less, Save more campaign to help bring a range of smart shopping and storage ideas to life – from tracking the lifespan of food already in your fridge to trialing new packaging that keeps produce fresh for longer.


The initiative kicks-off in January and will see Swadlincote as the hub for all things food savvy, via the town's in-store activity at their local Sainsbury's through to school projects and town-wide events. 


This is the first stage of the five-year, £10 million campaign that aims to help households reduce waste – the Swadlincote project will be a test bed for groundbreaking new technologies and activities, with the aim to cut the town's food waste by 50 per cent.


The plan for the campaign is to make it fun and sustainable – Swadlincote’s residents will be encouraged to get involved by organising community activities, such as residential streets competing against each other to save on waste.


If you want to do your bit to reduce food waste AND save money but you don't live in Swadlincote, fear not – there are plenty of ways you can get involved. If you have an idea that you want to see tested out, Sainsbury’s would love to hear about it. If you would like to stay connected to the Waste less, Save more journey, you can nominate your town to become part of the Discovery Community programme, which means that throughout the year you’ll receive updates, be invited to web chats and more. Contact to submit your ideas or register interest.  


Via: Sainsbury's