Better than hot dogs or slush puppies, check out these pictures of dogs dressed as food


Sausage dog

Check out the buns on that – looking HOT in that costume, dog!


A tail to tell

Lassie and family have fallen on hard times and now make a living touting fast food.


Taking the pith

Say what you like about this costume, it's definitely got appeal.

banana dog



What a wag

"So I said to my tailor, 'I want it kinda half ice cream sundae, half ghost.'"  

ice cream dog



It's a wrap

Waiter, there's a chihuahua in my taco!


Everything under the bun

It’s the comedown after a burger binge that’s the real killer. That and the shame.

burger dog



Fetch the cocktail stick

Embarrassing post-vet lampshade or classic Martini? It’s hard to tell the difference, really. But this hound definitely looks shaken not stirred.