Because it's been a long old winter...

Image: 6 garden games for family fun

Nana B Agyei / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: nanagyei

Here are six fun garden-based games and activities that guarantee an excellent time is had by all this spring.


1. Treasure hunt

Number of players: Any
Props: Small boxes, slips of paper, a pen and prize
Time: 1 hour


Just because Easter's over, doesn't mean no more treasure hunts. Hide little boxes (or any hollow object) around the garden (and inside too, if you need more space) with clues and riddles inside to help lead them to the next clue. The last box contains directions to their ultimate treasure - be it treats, toys or another game!


2. Hot potatoes

Number of players: Minimum of 4
Props: A (raw) potato, music
Time: Until only one person is left


You can paint or decorate your potato first if you prefer. Once ready to play, have everyone sit or stand in a circle. When the music starts, the players pass the potato around the circle. When the music stops, the person left holding the egg is out of the game. Play continues until only one person is remaining and then that person is the winner!


3. Bunny limbo

Number of players: Minimum of 3
Props: Broom or long stick, bunny ears headband
Time: Until someone touches the bar or only 1 remains


How low can you go? Using an old broom handle or long stick, two people hold either end to create a limbo bar. Starting with the stick held high, line the players up so they can each take turns at limboing underneath the bar, as your favourite music plays in the background. The person whose turn it is must wear the bunny headband and pass it to the next player to wear afterwards. Lower the limbo bar after each round. If a player touches the bar above, the grass below, or falls, then that person is out of the game.


4. Build a garden den

Number of participants: Any
Props: A washing line, an old sheet, a mallet and some pegs
Time: 1 hour


The kids can really use their imaginations with this one but it’s best to keep the structure simple. Hang the washing line between two adjacent trees or any other sturdy structure (a wall, the fence etc) – any structures that sit roughly two meters apart. Drape the sheet over the washing line, then pin either side of the sheet to the ground so that there’s a cosy gap in the middle. Get the kids to furnish the den and make it their own with fairy lights, torches, cushions and toys. Warning: they may never want to leave!


5. Host a pet competition

Number of participants: Any
Props: A clipboard and pen
Time: 1 hour


Gather your pets (you could invite the neighbours if you need more) - make sure they all get along first of course - and host your own mini all-animal Crufts (for dogs, cats, tortoises, rabbits)! Get guests to vote on categories like funniest walk, most cuddly and greediest. Award homemade rosettes for the deserving winners!


6. Hold your very own garden Olympics

Number of participants: Any
Props: Anything you have to hand
Time: 1 hour


Capture the kids' imaginations by getting them to create games based on what materials they have to hand in the garden. Make a mini sand or earth pit for a long jump competition. High jump could be measured by how far up a tree trunk they can touch. Sprint from one end of the garden to the other and back again. And best of all, have your very own Olympics opening ceremony!