If you like putting food in your mouth, there's an app out there for you

Image: 7 foodie apps

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Grub on your phone - plastic food iPhone cases

When you want to be the one to taste it first

If you’re dying to be first in the queue for the next cronuts, or just fancy getting your mouth round something you’ve definitely never tried before the British Street food app is the one for you.


It will show you where the hottest street food vendors have taken their shows on the road, from the best meat pies at a Yorkshire market to fragrant Indian street food in London.


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When you want to shift a few pounds

As much as we would all like to eat Pringles all day long, the sad truth is that it's gonna take a toll on your love handles. But there are some sneaky foods that you’ve been eating that have all sorts of secret naughty stuff in them and others that are surprisingly virtuous.


Get wise to the lot with Fooducate, which gives you a breakdown of the the healthiest snacks you can get your hands on and allows to to share your progress with other users.

fat cat

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When you don’t know what’s in season

It’s hard to keep your finger on the ethical pulse when you have no idea if your beetroot has been flown halfway across the world. Plus if you know what’s growing just around the corner you can negotiate your local supermarket with self-satisfied ease.


The very simple Seasons app gives you a plethora of options when it comes to picking the juiciest fruit and veg. It’ll tell you what’s probably local to you and what’s hot for the import season meaning you’re guaranteed the best produce.


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When you need to record your creative culinary genius

If you’re a creator of fabulous recipes and your notebooks are crammed with chocolate-covered Post-its, life is about to get very easy for you. Weirdly-named app Paprika collates all your culinary genius in one manageable place. It’s got downloadable shopping lists, sets calendar reminders and has multiple timers for your multiple ovens.


If you’re prone to a sort of mad scientist approach in a crammed kitchen, this is the app for one slick dinner party.


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When wine ordering makes you nervous

If browsing the wine list in a fancy-pants restaurant puts a lump in the back of your throat then WineGlass is a lifesaver. All you have to do is take a picture of a scary-looking wine list in a posh restaurant and the app does the rest. It transforms all that gobbledygook into "what will actually taste nice with my dinner" info. Plus if you do it on the quiet it will impress your fellow diners. Result.


It’s the sort of app Leonardo DiCaprio could really have done with on the Titanic.


Titanic / 20th Century Fox / Via: giphy


When you’re looking for the ultimate burger

If all you can think about is the perfect burger, Foodspotting can help you find it. It collates reviews of specific dishes from restaurants all over the world complete with pics to help you on your quest for satisfaction. All you have to do is type "cheeseburger" and dozens of towering meat creations will appear on a map before your eyes.


Ewan Munro / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: Ewan-M

This burger from Honest burgers, London features on the app


When you’re really darn hungry and don’t know where to eat

If you're a food lover who travels around a bit Tastemade is for you. It features a community of fellow foodies who can point you in the direction of a delicious dinner in any big city. It even features video reviews of all the best spots. Firstly, it's really snazzily designed and crammed to the brim with Instagram food porn. Secondly, it's trendy credentials mean you're bound to be chomping on the best spread in town.



Ewan Munro / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: Ewan-M

A tasty chorizo hash brown and poached egg London's Riding House Café that features on Tastemade.