What's better than cupcake? Cake shaped like a pooch, of course!

Vanilla dog cupcakes with mocha frosting – the tastiest looking spaniels we've ever seen

Love dogs? Love cakes? May we introduce you to pupcakes – see what we did there? Westies to pugs, all made form delicious cake. We're barking mad for them. 


1. French bulldog cake

We think that Truman the French bulldog is blogger Lyndsay's cutest creation. Made for a friend's birthday and modelled on their real-life dog, underneath those puppy-dog eyes it's all layered coconut cake and vanilla-almond buttercream.


2. Pugcakes

These adorable pugcakes are not to be sniffed at. They've been expertly made by Sunderland-based cake shop Baked Cupcakery, who have used curled strips of icing to capture their cute, wrinkly face. D'awww.


3. Westie cupcake

We have bakery owner Juliet Stallwood to thank for this super-sweet tribute to the West Highland Terrier. Master the icing on these and you'll end up feeling like a proper top dog – or you could just pop to the bakery in Dorset for a bag-to-go... 


4. Puppy love cupcakes

These little guys have hearts for folded ears and confetti sprinkles as tiny tongues. So. Much. Cuteness. 


6. Puppy cupcake toppers

If these canine toppers don't melt your heart, then we don't know what will... 


6. Sheepdog cake

Then there's this shaggy fella who can't see for his furry fringe. Made especially for a fourth-birthday celebration, this sheepdog cutie is made with layers of pastel-pink and green sponge, and just might have you howlin' for more.


7. All-the-breeds cupcakes

These woofing-great cakes really will put your icing skills to the test. Grab a star-tip pipe to create the poodle's mini swirls or the pulled out tufts of the terrier. Ruff! 


8. Sitting puppy cupcakes

These well-crafted treats look tail-waggingly good, so create your own obedient pup using this step-by-step guide.


9. Vanilla dog cupcakes

These cupcakes by Bite Me More are topped with creamy mocha frosting and jellybean canine features. They just might be the Best in Show.