The biggest. The blingest. The baddest. You’ll be yearning for Boxing Day after a taste of these Christmas dinner heavyweights

Sometimes a bit of dry turkey and overcooked Brussels sprouts just won't cut it on Christmas Day. Here's a little inspiration if you want to try something a little … different?


The scariest

Taking surf and turf to a whole new level – behold the Cturkey! A bizarre mix of poultry stuffed with octopus and dressed with giant crab legs. Its creators, a family in Texas, have said: “It may look a bit strange, but it actually tastes great!” Erm, thanks, we’ll take your word for it. 

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The heaviest

Weighing in at more than eight stone, the world’s heaviest Christmas pudding could feed a family of four for a month. Although, don't dish up any for the kids, as this whopping dessert contains two large bottles of brandy.

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The meatiest

Turducken: the dish no bird ever wants to hear is on the menu. Basically a chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey, with plenty of pork stuffing padded between each layer. Meat sweats guaranteed. 

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The blingest

This extravagant two-layer hexagonal fruit cake is for sale in a Japanese department store for the bargain price of $1.72m. You probably shouldn't eat it as you might choke on one of the 223 diamond studs.

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The most potent

Mix together all the favourite Christmas tipples: brandy, gin, blackberry liqueur, absinthe and vodka. Then add NO non-alcoholic beverages. And hey presto, you have yourself a lovely, but very lethal, Aunt Roberta (as allegedly invented by a 19th-century moonshine peddlar of the same name from Alabama). Word of warning: probably not best to make this at home (always drink responsibly, guys).

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The biggest

It's every child's worst nightmare – a giant Brussels sprout that's 20 times larger than your average one. No getting down from the table until you've eaten ALL your greens Timothy.

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The oldest 

This worn-looking tin was found after a big kitchen cupboard clear out. Inside is a figgy pud aged 111-years-old, so slightly past its sell by date.

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The most expensive 

In 2012, chef Ben Spalding was touting this pricey Christmas menu at just £125,000 for four courses. Slightly more expensive than a trip to your local carvery, but then again it did include: wagyu beef heart, a £37,000 bottle of champagne that pre-dates the first world war and a limited edition Japanese watermelon costing £2,600.

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Most expensive

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The most depressing 

Gamers hate anything that takes them away from their precious computers during the festive holidays. Which is why the Christmas Tinner – containing nine layers of all your Christmas Day meals – was allegedly invented. No need for cooking, just open up that tin, and pop it in. Bleurgh. 

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The most depressing

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