Get the fondant out and create a cake that will have everyone amazed

Image: 9 showstopping cakes

What is great baking made of? Taste, technique, texture – and a great big dollop of showing off. Get ready for your own personal bake-off with these showstoppers from Cake recipe collection by Sainsbury’s, available instore and online.


1. Cheeseburger cupcakes recipe

Crazier than the cronut, dafter than the duffin, it’s the Cheeseburger cupcake recipe.  The illusion won’t last beyond the first bite, but these deceptive little numbers look great on the table. Make sure to check out our cooking show Food with Fleur & Mike to watch Mike rustle up these cupcakes as a birthday treat.


2. Seaside cake recipe

There are three layers of sponge cake buried in the sand of this Seaside special recipe. With the sea lapping at the shore and three buttercream icing sundaes on top, this is one good-looking holiday.


3. Cupcake bouquet

Why say it with flowers when you can say it with a bunch of cupcakes? This cupcake bouquet from our cake collection is a brilliant birthday cake for plant-lovers and great for a garden party too.


4. Surprise cake recipe

With an icing bow and colourful sprinkles this Surprise cake recipe has a surprise inside. We haven’t tried making one large enough for a showgirl to spring out of, but the principle’s the same!


5. Fairy tale castle cake

A fantastic birthday cake for the princess in your life, this recipe from our cake book includes a couple of cunning cheats which make this castle easier to build than you might think – magic!


6. Hidden heart cake

An impressive-looking cake with a hidden heart in every slice (ahh…), baking a cake within a cake is a skill which is bound to impress – who could possibly resist the loaf of love?!


7. Ruffle wedding cake

A stunning wedding cake with icing ruffles and roses that will wow reception guests, this stellar cake creation from our cake book will be just the ticket once the hidden heart cake has worked its magic.


8. Ice cream sundae cupcakes

Nothing is quite what it seems on planet cupcake, including these ice cream sundaes with wafers which you can find in our cake recipe collection. These imaginative little cakes look super-cute with pink strawberry milk.


9. Chocolate fort birthday cake recipe

With biscuit barricades and Smartie soldiers, the lucky recipient of this birthday cake will be king of the castle (at least until someone launches a determined assault with a cake fork…).  Try this Chocolate fort birthday cake recipe.


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