Treat yo' self... watch your fave foods on repeat

Image: Can't decide what to eat for dinner? These food GIF's will help

Love an ooey-gooey food GIF? Of course you do. Who doesn't want to see their favourite food, on repeat, whenever they want?


But what if you had a food GIF that actually helped you organise your dinner plans, or to ask your housemates to make a cheeky dessert, or subtly send a 'make me a bacon sarnie in bed' hints to your other half on a Saturday morning?


Well, we at Sainsbury's can do all that for you and more. Our new food GIFs are made to help you get the grub you really want, whether you want to drop some serious ‘When’s dinner ready?’ hints...

Get in my belly


...or if you fancy something specific for brunch.



Are you and your housemates going to smash that brownie recipe tonight? Of course you are.

Let's do this


Midweek pizza party, anyone?

Squad Goald


Or perhaps you just want to show Mum how much you appreciate her cooking?

Nom nom nom


Best. GIF. EVER. 


Hungry? All you have to do to get yours is search for 'Fooddancing' on your GIF keyboards – this'll work for Facebook Messenger, Twitter and your iOS device. Alternatively, you can find them on Giphy here. Enjoy!