Barbecues are a minefield of mess, but we won't be defeated!

Image: How to stay classy at a BBQ

With all that lack of cutlery and abundance of condiments, retaining one's dignity at a barbecue can be a challenging feat. But don't worry, we've put together this guide to putting on the ritz at a good ol' grill-fest without tainting your tiara. Or staining your pink satin gown and silk gloves. Brought to you by those that know a thing or two about putting on a party: Ritz Crisp & Thins.


Challenge 1: The Hotdog


​The order always seems to go bun, sausage then condiments on top. But have you ever thought to question why? This is a revolutionary way to keep your nose clean of condiments - just tuck them neatly under the sausage instead. We're calling it The Tuck. Remember it.


Challenge 2: The Chicken Skewer


Sure, skewers make things easier for the chef, but they pose a catalogue of health and safety problems for the consumer. Sharp objects near the mouth, pressure on the teeth and the inevitable unsightly mess on the face. Remember: it's actually okay to provide cutlery at a barbecue, then you can just use a fork to slide it off instead. Terribly civilised.


Challenge 3: The Burger


The last thing we want is to be limited in the volume of relish we can stuff into our burgers. Option One is to wear one of those scooped bibs to catch rogue bits and pieces that don't make it into the mouth. Option Two - the far more dignified one - is this ingenious burger holding technique. Simply tuck your little fingers under the burger, as illustrated above, to form a solid front and back clamp. 


Challenge 4 - Sticky Ribs


Mmmm. Juicy, sticky, meaty ribs. The more marinade the better. Unfortunately, our research found that there is no known way to eat sticky ribs classily.

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