If your Valentine's weakness is a bit of sweetness, make one of these homemade goodies

Maple meringue kisses. Passionfruit melting moments. Chocolate and cherry brownies... love's the sweetest thing.


1. DIY chocolate truffles

These snazzy homemade truffles could have come from a boutique chocolate shop. Give as a pressie or serve with coffee after a romantic dinner for two.

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Chocolate truffles

Via: Sainsbury's


2. Red velvet whoopie pies

Half cake, half cookie, give classic whoopie pies the Valentine's treatment with a drop of red food colouring.

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3. White chocolate cake pops

Soak ready-made fruit cake in dark rum or apple juice, roll into balls and decorate with pretty pink sprinkles. Don't forget your cake pop sticks!

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4. Passionfruit melting moments

These delicate, melt-in-the-mouth biccies are sandwiched together with fresh passionfruit buttercream. Heaven on a plate.

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5. TNT marshmallows

Make these fun 'dynamite' marshmallows with the help of striped string and writing icing pens – perfect to dunk in hot chocolate.

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TNT marshmallows

Via thedecoratedcookie.com


6. Chocolate-covered pretzels

Easy, pretty, tasty. Safe to say these tick every box.

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Via lovefromtheoven.com


7. Chocolate & cherry cheesecake brownies

Dark sweet cherries cut through the rich combo of cheese and chocolate in this fudgy brownie recipe.

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8. Sweet skewers with chocolate sauce

Lightly grill these fruity skewers ready to dip into melted dark or white chocolate.

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9. Brazilian brigadeiros

Made with condensed milk and cocoa powder, this attractive brigade of brigadeiros are suprisingly cheap to make. Ideal if that pricey restaurant already emptied your wallet.


10. Valentine's pink wafers

Reinvent the retro pink wafer with edible glitter and heart-shaped confetti ... 

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Valentine's pink wafers

Via familyfreshmeals.com


11. White chocolate raspberry bites

Love raspberries? Pop white chocolate chips inside and you'll love them even more. 

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White chocolate raspberry bites

Via amynewnostalgia.com


12. Maple meringue kisses

Stick your mini meringues together with this divine dairy-free berry frosting made with coconut cream and maple syrup. *Heart*

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Maple Meringue Kisses

Via urbanposer.blogspot.co.uk


13. Strawberry cheesecake bites

Soft cheese, crumbly biscuit and sweet strawberry, dipped in white chocolate for good measure! Rather than making your own cheesecake, you can always cheat and use a ready-made one instead.

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Strawberry cheesecake bites

Via simplygloria.com


14. ECG cookies

For the one who gets your heart racing ...

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ECG cookies

Via ericasweettooth.com


15. White chocolate, cranberry & pecan fudge

White chocolate fudge contrasts deliciously with crunchy pecans and chewy cranberries in this indulgent recipe – feel free to use any nuts or dried fruits you fancy.

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White chocolate, cranberry & pecan fudge

Via ohsweetbasil.com