Put Dad (and the rest of the family) in the hot seat with our deliciously entertaining chilli burger game

Image: How to

Combine Father's Day lunch with this fun, tension-building game for all the family. Here's how to create it at home. Make sure no players have any allergies before you start, and be careful which chilli sauce you choose, especially if kids are playing – some are very hot!


You will need:

1 large round plate, wooden board or lazy Susan

The same number of burgers and burger buns as there are members of your family

Salad (leaves, onions and tomatoes work well)

Chilli sauce



1. Make up your burgers with the salad and buns and place them in a circle on the plate.

2. Sneak a dollop of chilli sauce into one (without Dad seeing!).

3. Sit down to eat, spin the plate and choose your burger.

4. Get munching – whoever gets the hot burger has to do the washing up!