Foodies who make great food and even greater play on words when it comes to their name: we salute you

The street food scene has exploded across the UK over the last few years, meaning that any newly abandoned car park, office block or disused train carriage is likely to have food trucks pulling up within minutes, serving up dirty burgers or Negronis in an old Heinz baked beans tin. 


But alongside the huge variety of global snacks on offer (Mexican corn on the cob! Chinese dumplings! Grilled cheese sandwiches!), there's also some pretty nifty wordsmithery going on.


So can we just take a moment to appreciate the excellence of the names of these punderful food trucks?


Oh, and while we're at it, we'll have a portion of whatever they're selling, too.


1. I should be Souvlaki



I should be souvlaki

Via: Facebook / isbsouvlaki

*claps enthusiastically* Well done guys, this one is perfection. Ironic nod to 1980s pop culture and tasty Greek wraps? You've outdone yourself, lads.


2. Fleisch Mob

Fleisch Mob

Via: Facebook / fleischmob

Thankfully not a group of disguised dancers bursting out into Thriller at London's Liverpool Street Station. Instead, Fleisch Mob cook up hearty Austrian fare with a British twist. Think Frankfurters, beef goulash and apple strudel – it's enough to fling your arms open and starting singing to the hills.


3. Well Kneaded 

Question: when is pizza not needed? NEVER. Which is why we're big fans of this truck's wood-fired pizzas, flatbread, wraps and pies. 


4. Bean & Gone

Nope, not hand-smoked baked beans. Or artisan bunches of green beans tied with courgette ribbons. It's coffee! Served every which way possible: straight up, affogato, cold brew and, the doyenne of all bean-based drinks, the espresso martini. We know which one we're ordering.


5. Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker

Via: / cluckyoutoo

Southern-fried chicken marinated in a sweet-tea brine, double-coated in buttermilk and a secret blend of spices for super extra crispness? You're clucking right we'd like some.


6. Van Dough 

Van Dough

Via: / Van Dough

An inspired name. But is their wood-fired sourdough pizza good enough to make you want to cut off one of your ears? Look, you've got two of them, anyway.


7. Truly Crumptious

Truly Crumptious

Via: / danny.chappell1

Yep, these beauties really are crumptious. And scrumptious, while we're at it. Usually found as a life-saving bite at the end of a messy festival, these Cornish crumpets are fresh, organic, made with love and even better smeared with their homemade jams and chutneys as a topping.


8. The Shellfish Pig

The Shellfish Pig

Via: / The Shellfish Pig

It may be selfish, but we'd happily go snout-first into this truck, which serves up sustainable Cornish seafood and free-range pork. Case in point: their Killer Crab Sandwich, fresh white Cornish crab meat bound in a homemade citrus and lavender mayonnaise, served in a Baker Tom roll. *drools*

Meanwhile, in America...


9. Fried Egg I'm in Love

Fried Egg I'm in Love

Via: / FriedEggLove

Surely The Cure to all your hangover woes. 


10. Baguettaboutit

Fact: impossible not to say in a Noo Yoik Mafia accent.


11. Guac n Roll

Guac N Roll

Via: Twitter / Guac_N_Roll

These guys know how to guac around the clock.

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