We took a long hard look at the food-loving guys out there slaving over hot stoves and decided we just had to share them with you …

We’re not proud of ourselves, but let’s all take a moment to appreciate these ridiculously hot foodies. Shameless objectification isn’t big, it isn’t clever, but it is a pretty amazing way to while away your lunch break. Enjoy – just don’t tell anyone.




1. Willie Harcourt-Cooze

The modern day Willie Wonka, this Willie is not only completely manly and outdoorsy in a 'posh totty' kind of a way but he’d also be able to feed you a limitless supply of his delicious Willie’s Cacao chocolate. Bonus.


Here’s a video of him being all capable in the jungle and hanging out the back of a pick-up truck. He looks like he could hunt something for your dinner and then read Proust to you over the fire that he built for you using only pure determination and a bit of yarn. This, we don't need to tell you, is all terribly good news.


2. Tom and Henry Herbert AKA The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Fab Baker bros

Via: PR

Tom and Henry Herbert – of the Channel 4 series The Fabulous Baker Brothers – are fifth generation bakers with a major passion for all things bread and meat, which means they could make you massive sandwiches that you could eat together while taking a romantic stroll on the beach. They’re also both ridiculously good looking. Double the trouble.


3. Marco Pierre White Jr


Via: Instagram marcopierrewhitejr

He's the son of one of the food world’s most prestigious bad boys, so it’s not really a surprise that 19-year-old model Marco Pierre White Jr has got a bit of a thing for tattoos, which he shares regularly on his Instagram. Usually without many clothes on. We know he's not strictly in the food world, but his dad is and just look at his naughty little face. *Coughs*


5. Christian Stevenson AKA DJ BBQ

Quite literally burning our loins. And those skin-tight American flag leotards? Forget about it.


6. Giorgio Rapicavoli  

He’s just been voted Miami’s hottest chef and – although we’re pretty certain they meant in the ‘up-and-coming’ category rather than the ‘you’re-so-good-looking-I've-lost-the-ability-to-function’ category – we’re finding it very difficult to disagree. He’s also cooked for Bill Clinton and Michael Jordan, so he’s super fancy and totally someone you could introduce to your mum.


7. Gordon Ramsay

He may be a bit shouty and cross – or he certainly does a good job of pretending to be on the telly – but you've got to admit there's a sort a bad-boy charm about Gordon Ramsay. He's had a bit of an US makeover, too – but we're not sure we like that. 


8. Anthony Bourdain


Via: Anthony Bourdain / giphy.com

This one might seem a little left field, but for anyone who appreciates a man with a laissez-faire attitude towards life with a bit of a Clint Eastwood vibe thrown into the mix, then Bourdain is for you.


9. Jack Lucas from MasterChef 2014


Via: Twitter / jacklucas1

Look! He's holding a puppy! We want to squish them both. 


10. Russell Norman 

Gorgeous in a grown-up, elegant, would totally/probably/maybe take you to the opera like in Pretty Women, this chef from Polpo is the George Clooney of the foodie world. Because he's got grey hair and that.


11. Jamie Oliver 


Via: Instagram/ Jamie Oliver

We know he went a little bit wayward in the hubba hubba department a few years ago, but Jamie Oliver has had a pretty impressive makeover recently and he's wazzed his way into our hearts yet again. Incidentally, do we think even Jamie Oliver knows what he means when he says wazz? It's utter gibberish isn't it? Still … nice trendy haircut. 


12. Gino D'Acampo

Via: This Morning / ITV / Youtube 

All cheeky and Italian and stuff. He also sets Phil and Holly off into fits of giggles more than anyone in the world and for that, we all must be grateful. 


14. Simon Rimmer 

Yes, he's bald, but baldness is most certainly not a sign of weakness. Simon has been waking us up with a smile and lashings of food on Something for the Weekend and Sunday Brunch for as long as we can remember. This is a very positive quality in a man. 


15. Levi Roots 

Sweet as. And a lifetime supply of Reggae Reggae Sauce. Enough said. 


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