Professional restaurant critic and full time dog Coco checks out London's M Restaurant

A Barbour jacket is a mark of distinction when dining out

We sent Homemade's favourite pooch, Coco, down to London's M Restaurant to check out their Pooch Party. The restaurant has teamed up with (check them out for dog-friendly restaurants) to offer a monthly brunch where four-legged friends are welcome. Dogs get a doggy bag, and humans get a (delicious) two course brunch for £25. Let's see what Coco thought of the experience.


Via: Homemade

I found the starter ultimately disappointing and the silver butter knife difficult to wield 

As a part time fashion blogger and full time dog, I am quite often asked to do restaurant reviews. 'Coco!' My editor cries, 'Why don't you try out this new pop-up restaurant?' And I roll onto my back and stare at her to show that I find the notion of 'pop-up' a bourgeois misappropriation of urban street food.

I was pleasantly surprised therefore, to be invited for brunch at London's M Restaurant. The management have introduced a weekend Pooch Party where dogs can eat for free. We can even bring an unlimited number of human guests who can entertain themselves with a two course brunch for £25 each. 

That's what we're all after, a glass of wine as big as our own head

M Restaurant on Threadneedle Street is a classy establishment, so we all knew how important it was that they had thrown open their doors to canine diners for the first time. As such, all the dog ambassadors taking part were on their best behaviour. No one got into a fight, started shouting about the starter or nonchalantly pooed on the floor. 

'I'm sorry but that awful Spaniel is here again and she's wearing last season's collar'

Instead it was a pleasure to make new acquaintances and pass compliments among ourselves on who was wearing the best bow tie. I had started my day with a bath, then jumping onto chair and off again for 45 minutes so I was feeling at my best as we mingled between the tables. 

Who wore it best? Neckerchiefs are a lot of fun and the tartan is a lovely contrast, but you can't fault the sheer majesty of Donald, shown here sporting a full tie

And what of the food? I received a small doggy bag and it quickly became apparent that this was not to be the culinary adventure I had hoped. It was more about my presence in the restaurant, which I'll admit was exciting for all involved, than my meal. Bafflingly, it seemed this was just an excuse for me to join my human companions at their (admittedly delicious) brunch. I made my feelings on this known by eating their pancakes when they weren't looking. 

My humble conclusion is that the starter was a little ruff, and the pawtion size disappointing, but ultimately the experience gets my stamp of a poodle. My two human dates for the morning got over-excited and kept shouting nonsense like 'there are so many dogs!' until eventually I had to take them home. They've begged me to take them again for the next Pampered Pooch Party on the 9th May. If you're going, I'm the well dressed Cockapoo on Table 4.

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Via: Homemade

Love, Coco x