Which biscuit holds up best in a hot cuppa tea? Clue: not the one you thought

Yes, since you ask, it is a busy day at the office. With The Great British Bake Off tackling biscuits, we thought we'd answer the most important biscuit-related question of all: which is the best dunker?


Once and for all, we've conducted a highly scientific experiment* and we can finally confirm the ultimate biscuit for dunking. And you're in for a shock.


After much discussion, the biscuits recruited for the task were:

  1. Hobnob
  2. Digestive
  3. Rich Tea
  4. Bourbon


All strong choices, hungry to be crowned the dunk with the most funk. So, with four cups of hot tea, we subjected each snack to be dunked until they literally fell apart. 


Watch the video above, and prepare to have your minds blown.

Can we revisit the Rich Tea again? 56 WHOLE DUNKS? Forget what Peter Kay once said about Hobnobs – Rich Tea are the marines of the biscuit world! You could tie one to your ankle, swim the English Channel and it would still be there, holding on til the bitter end.


We salute you, Richies, and hereby crown you for services to baked goods.


Bourbon? Go home. You were an embarrassment to yourselves, the entire biscuit aisle and our country.


Here are the results in full:


1st – Rich Tea: 56 dunks in 1 minute 45 seconds (optimum dunks: 6)

2nd – Digestive: 15 dunks in 28 seconds (optimum dunks: 7)

3rd – Hobnob: 14 dunks in 30 seconds (optimum dunks: 7)

4th – Bourbon: 11 dunks in 19 seconds (optimum dunks: 3)



*We made tea, dunked and ate biscuits


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