Petrol station forecourt flowers and a box of Terry’s All Gold isn’t going to cut it, lads

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Image: Things you only know if you’re a dad on mother’s day

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Buying a present for your children’s mother is more important than buying a present for your own mother

Obviously this doesn’t make any real sense, but you’ll just have to deal with the fact that, for the first 10 years at least, Mother’s Day is about you making things special for the mother of your children. Which means you'll inevitably forget to buy anything for your actual mum. 

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Big trouble

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The good news is you can get around having to buy anything original by letting your children choose the present

And then, crucially, making a virtue of their terrible choice. “Look darling, they spent ages in Primark picking out this beautiful plastic necklace for you. Aren’t our children adorable? You are going to wear it, right?”

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Breakfast in bed for Mum does not mean breakfast in bed for Dad

The children preparing breakfast for their mum basically translates as you preparing breakfast for their mum. Even though she’s not your mum… but we’ve been through this already, right?

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If you are going to make breakfast in bed, it better be amazing

Think of it as money in the bank for Father’s Day.

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Fruity pancakes tower

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You will need all your cunning and guile throughout the day

If you have more than one child, there will be arguments over whose card Mummy likes the most. Someone, at some stage, will decide that the plastic necklace wasn’t a very good present after all, and want (you) to get something else instead. It’s up to you to smooth over all these problems without a) your wife getting involved and b) having to return to Primark.

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A good old-fashioned pub lunch might seem like a treat to you – but a fancy restaurant might be a better idea

Everyone there without children will hate you of course, but at least you won’t be tempted to stay in the pub once lunch is over and the football begins. 

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Fancy restaurant

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And remember, showing yourself to be a good father has way better perks than being a good son ever did

I think you know what we’re saying. Just be careful it doesn’t lead to more children.

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Ultimately, Mother’s Day is hardest on fathers

But you know what? We still get to be the daddy – every day of the year.

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