London's first patty-delivery drone takes flight

Takeaway ready for take-off

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it ... Superman? No. It’s a flying burger drone, actually.


Making all of our picnicking and park-dwelling dreams a reality, London's Burger Bear team reckon they’ve cracked the art of cooking up a banging burger and whizzing it through the sky to drop into our laps. Well, in a burger box anyway – this could all get rather messy on the landing strip, now that we think about it.


Whether the barbecuing lads have actually mastered their meaty flight or whether it’s just a promo for their pop-up branch at Old Street roundabout in Shoreditch remains to be seen, but we love it so much we want it to be a thing.


Tom from Burger Bear says: “Order your delivery soon.” Which we would do, but we’re not sure you’d have the amount of drones needed to cope with our size of order. And does it beat Domino's 30-minute delivery time promise by taking to the sky? So many questions.


Check out the video for yourself: would you risk it being pecked by pigeons in flight and order one?

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