Keep the kids occupied for hours with these creative Halloween craft ideas.

Whether you've got just half an hour to you've got all day, get the whole family crafting with these freakishly fun Halloween mini-projects. It's amazing what can be created from an old egg box! 



1. Treat cups


Stuff these egg box party bags with sweets and they’ll go down a treat.


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2. Restless rocks


Funny-shaped rocks can be transformed into brilliant ghostly ornaments with a bit of white paint and a black felt tip pen.


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3. Milk jug ghosts


Not keen in creating a pumpkiny mess this year? Try these lit up ghosts instead. Stock up on milk cartons and let them get creative with a felt tip pen. 


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4. Felt Garlands


Perfect for a party, transform one room or get a production line going with the family and you’ll have a whole freaky fortress. 


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5. Jar ‘o’ Monsters


Keep the kids occupied for hours with this super-fun scary spoon project. Gather the motley wooden spoon crew and display in a jar for maximum impact. 


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6. Simple Spider Webs


Because it wouldn’t be Halloween without creepy crawly spider webs.


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7. 3D Halloween Balloons


Accessorise your balloons with a few simple freaky features.


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8. Bouncing Spider


Transform an egg carton into this Halloween horror in just 15 minutes.


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9. Jack ‘O’ Lantern Fruit


No need to worry about messy pumpkin pulp here…


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10. Pretty Mini Pumpkins


Not too confident with a paint brush? This just requires a gold pen instead. The more crumpled the tissue paper, the better the effect. 


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Love it or hate it, Halloween is bigger than ever, so grab your broomstick, put out your pumpkins and stock up on the treats! Spooky season or silly season? You decide.