Delicious serving ideas to make your Halloween party the talk of the ghost town


1. Pumpkin beer cooler

Scoop out the flesh and fill your pumpkin with ice for a seriously on-theme Halloween drinks chiller. 

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2. Spider ice cubes

Simple, stylish and scarily realistic, these ice cubes will add an eight-legged freakishness to your Halloween drinks. Simply freeze rubber spiders in water in an ice cube tray and rim glasses with honey and black sugar.

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3. Ssslithery bottle cover

Grab some toy snakes and wrap them around anything and everything for a serpentine take on table decorating this Halloween. We particularly love them around this carafe.

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4. Eye-bowls

Cute – and quick to do. Just stick googly eyes on round bowls and stuff full of your favourite Halloween party snacks.

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5. Pumpkin puke guacamole

Super easy to recreate, though we're pretty sure we haven't seen anything more revolting... Our advice? Just close your eyes and dip.

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