Get the party started with these terrifying homemade Halloween treats.

Chocolate mini bats

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1. Floating ghost muffins


Wooo…! For a no-bake, time-saving alternative, use ready-made muffins. See recipe for Floating ghost muffins.

Floating ghost muffin recipe

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2. Boo-nanas


Fruit gets freaky with these easy-peasy boo-nanas. Simple dab three spots of honey onto a peeled banana and stick on chocolate chip eyes and mouths.


Floating ghost muffin

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3. Witches' brew


Cast a spell on your guests with this berrylicious brew. See recipe for Witches’ brew.

Witch’s brew recipe

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4. Spooky gingerbread biscuits


Get the whole family involved in decorating these terrifying treats. See recipe for Spooky gingerbread biscuits.

Spooky gingerbread biscuits

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5. Witches’ fingers


Sadly, Esmeralda didn’t have time for a manicure before loaning us her fingers. See recipe for Witches’ fingers.

Witches’ fingers recipe

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6. Broomstick cheese pastries


Send your taste buds high into the sky with these delicious feta cheese broomstick bites. See recipe for Broomstick cheese pastries

Broomstick cheese pastry recipe

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7. Pumpkin seed, black treacle and ginger squares


For a more grown-up Halloween option, these treacle and ginger squares are devilishly scrumptious. See recipe for Pumpkin seed, black treacle and ginger squares.

Pumpkin seed, black treacle and ginger square recipe

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Not sure you can get away with those last-minute ‘ghostly jacket potatoes’ or ‘petrifying pizzas’ this year? Cook up a storm this Halloween with these spine-tinglingly tasty treats.


8. Chocolate mini roll bats


The kids will go nuts for these delicious chocolate horrors. See recipe for Chocolate mini roll bats.

Chocolate mini roll bats recipe

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