The Freaky Fun Fair comes to town once a year at Halloween, but would you dare to go on one of the thrilling rides?

Halloween is a wonderful time of year, when all the witches, vampires and monsters come out to play. The Fantabulous Fantastic Fun Fair comes to town for one day only, and all the ghouls, ghosts and gremlins gather to enjoy the fantastic rides, play ghastly games and win wonderful prizes. They don’t call it the Fantabulous Fantastic Fun Fair for nothing!


Best friends Bolthead Frankenstein and Rottie the Zombie looked forward to the fair every year, and this Halloween was no exception.


What rides do you want to go on Rottie?’ said Bolthead. ‘Well, I defo want to go on the Rocket Rollercoaster, it’s so fast and scary!’ said Rottie. Bolthead nodded enthusiastically in agreement. ‘Let’s go!’ he said.


So they headed to the Rocket Rollercoaster. Now, this was no ordinary rollercoaster. The carriages were made from real rockets, and they had the funny habit of flying off the tracks and taking the passengers high into the night sky!


Bolthead and Rottie climbed into their carriage and strapped themselves in and waited for the countdown. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the ride of your life!

Three…. Two… One… LIFT OFF!’


And with that the Rocket Rollercoaster zoomed into action! Faster and faster on the tracks they went, twisting, turning and winding around each corner. Then came the big loop, and it was enormous! ‘Oh no!’ laughed Bolthead, ‘That looks monstrous!’ Upside-down and round and round they went on the tracks. Some passengers’ hats even fell off!

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Fun fair

Then the rockets sped upwards and high into the sky until Bolthead and Rottie could touch the stars. They even bumped into Spellda the Witch flying alongside the Rocket Rollercoaster on her broomstick. ‘Hello Bolthead, hello Rottie! she shouted. ‘Don’t forget to hold on tight!


They came to a halt and the rocket tipped downwards. “Wowzers! This is the big drop, get ready!” cried Rottie. They began to move down, slowly at first, but before they knew it the rocket was plummeting towards the ground. Then, just before they hit the bottom and as quick as a flash they were soaring skywards again.


Eventually, after many more twists and turns and ups and downs, the Rocket Rollercoaster ride came to an end, dropping them safely back on the ground. ‘That was amazing! Let’s go play some games now!’ said Rottie.


But what games would they play? There were so many to choose from! They could visit Bones the Skeleton’s Scary Skittles stall, where the skittles are all made from leg bones! Or they could go bobbing for magical apples, where each apple has an unexpected taste, from caramel and chocolate to cherry pie and vanilla!


I know, let’s go to the coconut shy, the prizes for this are brilliant!’ said Bolthead. ‘Fab idea! I’m a great shot so I bet I’ll win loads!’ said Rottie.


Now, this coconut shy stand was very special, because the coconuts could fly and dodge the balls! Pierce the Vampire was looking after this stall. ‘Roll up, roll up! Try your luck on the coconut shy! Great prizes to be won!’ he shouted.


And the prizes were really great! There were packets of sticky toffee eyeballs and sweet wriggly jelly worms. There was candy-floss made from sugar clouds, and sparklers made from shooting stars. But the best prize of all was a big, red, shiny toy car with magic wheels to make it go super fast!


I want to win the toy car!’ cried Rottie, ‘Let me have a go!’. Pierce gave him three wooden balls. ‘You have three tries to hit the floating coconuts. If you hit a coconut every time you will win the grand prize.’


Rottie took aim and threw his ball at the floating coconut, but the coconut quickly dodged the ball and he missed. He tried and missed again. But the last time, Rottie slowed down, took a deep breath, and managed to squarely hit the coconut with his wooden ball. ‘Yes!’ he cried. ‘Well done!’ said Pierce. ‘You don’t win the toy car, but you get a big bag of sticky toffee eyeballs!


Bolthead and Rottie spent the rest of their evening enjoying the fun of the fair. They went on the Dodgems, where the cars were gigantic spiders, beetles and ladybirds. They went on the Ghost Train and saw loads of spooky ghouls and ghosts, and they played more games and won even more prizes!


After a while, it was time to leave. Bolthead and Rottie gathered their prizes and went home to bed, where they dreamed of floating coconut shies, wonderful prizes and roller coaster rockets that went so high you could touch the stars!


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