Join Briggs on his hunt for Halloween treats, meeting a few old friends along the way. Can you help him solve the clues?

Hidden Halloween treasure

Briggs is a swash-buckling, sword-wielding young pirate who loves nothing better than a good adventure. One day, while he was out looking for shipwrecks, he found a message in a bottle washed up on the shore. ‘Arr! How curious!’ He said. ‘I wonder what the message says!’ He fished the message out from the bottle and unrolled the paper. ‘Shiver-me-timbers, it’s a treasure map!’ He cried! ‘I love a good treasure hunt!’


The map showed directions to the hidden treasure, and there were also some curious clues. ‘If I solve the clues, I’ll find the treasure,’ he thought. 

If you come here at night, you’ll get a terrible fright.
So come here by day, and watch the skeletons play.

Where do the skeletons play?’ He wondered. ‘It must be a scary place. I know! It’s the graveyard!’ So Briggs grabbed his sword and set off for the graveyard to find the next clue.


The graveyard was misty and the air was cold and damp. ‘Shiver-me-timbers, this place is spooky,’ he said. ‘I’m shaking in me boots.’


Suddenly, from behind the gravestones Briggs heard a voice. ‘Who has come to my graveyard?’ The mist cleared, and Briggs could see a Skeleton, his name was Bones. ‘My name is Briggs and I’m on a treasure hunt,’ he said. Excited, Bones danced a jig that knocked his knee bones together and said, ‘There’s no treasure here Briggs, but I will give you the next clue!’

The stairs are creaky, and floorboards squeaky.
Beware the ghosts, they’re really sneaky!

Creaky stairs, and sneaky ghosts? Where could that be?’ Briggs said. ‘Ah! It’s the haunted house!’ Bones clapped his hands and danced with glee, so much so that his bones made a funny rattling noise! ‘Well done Briggs, off to the Haunted House you go!


So Briggs set off for the Haunted House, with his sword and his treasure map. Soon, he came to a long, winding road with a big, dark house at the end.


He walked up the garden path and knocked on the enormous front door - Rat-a-tat-tat. With a long, loud creak the door opened all by itself!


Hello, is anyone there? I’m looking for hidden treasure,’ said Briggs. All of a sudden he heard a thump-thump-thumping down the stairs. It was Bolthead Frankenstein. ‘You won’t find any treasure here!’ he said with a huge grin. ‘But Pierce the Vampire will tell you the next clue!


So Briggs followed Bolthead up the stairs to meet Pierce.


Pierce was waiting for Briggs. ‘Good day little man, I believe you would like your next clue?’ he said.

You’ve got to be brave to enter this cave.
But face your fear, the journey’s end is near!

A cave?’ he said. ‘That must be the Cavernous Cave where Rottie the Zombie lives!’ So Briggs summoned his courage and set off for the Cavernous Cave.


The cave was set deep in a hillside. It was huge, and very dark. Stepping into the cave he said, ‘Hello? Rottie the Zombie? Are you there? I’m looking for hidden treasure.’ he heard a rustling noise from the back of the cave, followed by a long moan. ‘Muuuuurrrr! Who has come into my cave and woken me up?’ Then, Rottie the Zombie shuffled towards Briggs with his arms outstretched.

Pirate's cave

‘Argh! No, please don’t eat me!’ cried Briggs, thinking his days as the fiercest pirate on the seven seas were over. ‘Don’t be silly Briggs, I’m giving you your final clue!’ chuckled Rottie.

At the back of this cave are a box and a key.
You’ll find your gold, take it from me.
Solve this clue and you’ll be the best.
Good luck with finding your treasure chest!

Briggs made his way to the back of the cave, where he saw a very large wooden treasure chest, with a key in the padlock. ‘This must be the box and key!’ he said. He took the key and opened the chest, and peering inside he found hundreds of chocolate gold coins! ‘Hooray! I’ve found the hidden treasure!’ he cried.


Briggs carried his treasure back home. But on his way back he made sure he shared his treasure with Rottie, Pierce, Bolthead and Bones so everybody could enjoy the golden chocolate coins for Halloween!


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