Throw a spooky party for the kids with these super-easy homemade decorations and ghoulish games

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Flickr / Regenmond - ghost decorations

Regenmond / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: Regenmond

So the kids are demanding a Halloween party and you’ve no time to plan. Don’t fret: here’s how to throw a successful Halloween bash with limited time and money. 


Ghost-themed décor and accessories


Cool ghoul cups

Turn plain white paper cups into ghostly tankards using a permanent marker pen to draw simple ghost faces on the outside. Or if drawing isn’t your thing, just write some spooktacular words around the outside of the cups in bold lettering.


Spooky balloons

Get the kids involved in making decorations by letting them loose with a balloon pump and as many white balloons as they can manage to inflate. Draw ghoulish and ghostly faces on each balloon using a marker pen and suspend them around the party room.


Floating ghosts

You don’t need to be in the least bit crafty to make these, but they look remarkably effective. Tape an inflated balloon to a long stick or garden cane, then drape a white sheet over it. On a piece of black paper, draw and cut out two eyes and a mouth (use a stencil if you like) and stick them to your floating ghost. Put the other end of the cane into a flower vase or bucket of sand, making sure that the sheet is long enough to cover it so that it looks suspended in mid air.


Ghostly garland

This is a fun activity that doubles up as a party decoration – cut a load of ghostly shapes out of white card then get the kids to draw spooky faces on the shapes with black felt tip. Make two holes at the top of each ghost, thread orange ribbon through each one and hey presto – you've got your very own spooky bunting.

Games and activities



Games and activities are what make or break a good party. Let children create their own spooky masks using paper plates, coloured pens, pencils, glitter, feathers, glue and any other crafty bits and bobs you have hanging around the house. Use a hole punch to make holes in each side of the plate so they can tie them round their heads and award prizes for the spookiest/scariest etc.


Blindfold jelly eating

Blindfold two children, give them spoons and watch them try to feed each other jelly. Guaranteed to have everyone in stitches.


Food and drink


Spooky punch

On the night before the party, fill a pair of surgical or rubber gloves with water or lemonade, tie the ends and put them in the freezer to set. On the day of the party concoct a blood red fruit mocktail using cranberry juice mixed with whatever other juices you have to hand. Pour the mixture into a large punch bowl. Before serving, remove the surgical gloves using scissors and float the frozen ice hands on top.


Marshmallow ghosts

You’ll need a bag of white marshmallows, cocktail sticks and an edible-ink pen. Simply draw ghostly faces on the marshmallows then pop them onto a cocktail stick. Display by sticking the other end of the cocktail sticks into a miniature pumpkin. Job done. 


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