Everyone looks forward to the party of the year at Spellda the Witch’s house, except for the dancefloor-shy Pierce the Vampire. But Spellda has a plan…

Image: Star witch’s magical Halloween party

Spellda is a very special witch. With her brightly coloured dress and pointed hat, she looks very different from the scary ones in black, raggedy gowns, crooked hats and long yellow fingernails.


She is the happiest, most kindly witch you’ll ever meet. She lives in a delightful, lovely wooden cottage in the middle of the Wondrous Woods. And her spells are always used to make people happy.


Every year, Spellda invites all her friends to a fabulous Halloween party in the Wondrous Woods. Here they eat tasty Halloween treats like squiggly sugar snakes, pumpkin lollipops, sticky spiders’ legs, toffee toenails and jelly fingers.


The trees are lit up with glow-worms and floating ghostly lanterns, and all the woodland creatures who live nearby sing, wail and howl to make the spooky disco music.


As usual, this year Spellda wrote her invitation letters on paper made from spider webs, written in eye-of-newt ink. ‘Dear Friend,’ she wrote. ‘You are invited to my annual Halloween party in the Wondrous Woods, where you can eat tremendous trick-or-treats and dance the night away! I hope you can come along!’ Then she asked her pet black cat to deliver them to her friends – Bones the Skeleton, Rottie the Zombie, Bolthead Frankenstein, Briggs the Pirate and of course, Pierce the Vampire!


When her friends got the invite, they were delighted. ‘I’m going to dance until my bones shake and my knees knock!’ said Bones the Skeleton. ‘I can’t wait to gobble up those sticky spider legs!’ said Bolthead Frankenstein. ‘And I’m going to dance the pirate’s jig!’ said Briggs the Pirate.


But the Pierce the Vampire wasn’t as pleased as everybody else. ‘Oh I would love to go to Spellda’s Halloween party!’ he said. ‘But I can’t dance! I have two left feet and I’m afraid all my friends will laugh at me, and I would be so ashamed!’


When Spellda heard that Pierce was afraid of dancing she was very sad. So she sent him another letter saying, ‘Dear Pierce, please do not worry about dancing at my party, I promise that you will have the best Halloween ever!’ Then she got to work on her dancing spell…


Spellda brought out her magical cauldron, and into it she put bat wings, dragon-tooth powder, shoelaces from some dancing shoes and a good sprinkling of fairy dust.


Hubble Bubble, toil and trouble. Do the twist and your dance feet will double!’ she cried. Then, as the cauldron started bubbling and fizzing, a magical chocolate muffin covered in red glitter appeared in Spellda’s hand. ‘Groovy!’ she said. ‘When Pierce eats this magical muffin, he will be the best dancer of all at my party.’


Later that evening, the guests arrived at the Wondrous Woods. ‘Welcome everybody!’ said Spellda, who was very happy to see all her friends. ‘Help yourself to the delicious trick-or-treats!


Arr! Will do!’ said Briggs the Pirate as he grabbed a handful of sugared chocolate skulls. Rottie the Zombie was rummaging through a bowl of jelly fingers, meanwhile Bones and Bolthead had already hit the dance floor.


The last guest to arrive was Pierce. He stood shyly in the corner wrapped in his cloak. Spellda saw him and ran over.


Hi Pierce! I’m so glad you came! You must be very hungry,’ she said with a mischievous grin on her face. ‘Here, have a magical muffin!’


Pierce was hungry, and the chocolate muffin did look very tasty indeed. He took a huge bite. ‘Wow Spellda, it’s delicious!’ he said, wolfing it down. ‘Thank you very much!’


I’m glad you enjoyed it, I made it especially for you,’ giggled Spellda. ‘Now, do you feel like dancing?


Oh, I don’t know. Maybe later,’ he said with a sigh. ‘I’m not very good, you see.’


Are you sure about that?’ asked Spellda, smiling from ear to ear. Pierce looked down and realised his left foot was tapping in time to the music. Then his other foot started tapping to the beat. Next, his fingers began clicking along with the rhythm. Before he knew it, Pierce was in the middle of the dance floor twirling, spinning and clapping his hands. He was dancing so fast you could see the smoke coming off his shoes!

Witch and a vampaire

Look at me everybody! I’m dancing!’ he cried as he joined in with his friends. ‘This is the best Halloween party ever!’


Spellda was thrilled that Pierce had found his dancing feet, and he was by far the best, and the happiest dancer at the party!


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