Most people stay away from the old creaky house at the end of the dark, quiet street. But why not pay a visit? You might be surprised…

Image: The crooked house at the end of the street

In deepest, darkest London is a very quiet street where the street lamps never seem to work. And at the end of the quiet street is a big, crooked, haunted house. Most people stay away from the house because of the creepy goings-on: spooky lights in the windows at night, ghostly howls and cackles, and strangest of all, a front door that opens all by itself!


But if you’re lucky enough to be invited to visit the haunted house, you’ll soon find that it isn’t as scary as you’d expect.


Look in the cupboard under the stairs and you will find Mr Skeleton with his friends making a right racket! They use pots, pans and of course their bones to make fabulously frightening music that they can dance to. Skeletons love to dance! You can join in their merry-making and sing and dance to their terrifying tunes.

Bang, bang, bang! Clatter, clatter clatter,
We’re going to dance until our teeth chatter!
Thump, thump, thump! We’ll make lots of noise,
So come sing and dance with us, girls and boys!


If you’re hungry after all the singing and dancing, you can visit the witches’ kitchen where Stella Star Witch makes her magical potions and cooks up crazy concoctions in her enormous cauldron.


Stella Star Witch is a good witch, and her favourite things to cook are magical muffins. The spells that she casts are always used to make her friends happy, and sometimes she even grants wishes. What would you wish for?

Fairy wings and stardust go into my muffins,
They’re magic and tasty, with lots of great stuff in!
The cauldron will bubble, the spells will be cast,
Go on, make a wish, and make one that will last

The vampire sleeps in the attic by day. His bed is shaped like a coffin, but he prefers to sleep whilst hanging upside down from the rafters. At night, the vampire turns into a massive bat and flies out of the window into the night’s sky. If you’re really lucky, he might even give you a ride on his back and you can fly over the city. Imagine swooping over Big Ben and the London Eye by night!

Swooping and soaring in the night sky,
Over the rooftops, ever so high!
On a vampire bat’s back you’ll see all the sights,
It’s fantastical and scary, flying by night!

After flying across London on the back of a vampire bat, you may feel tired and fancy a nap. But be careful of what lies under the bed! Freddie Frankenstein and Ziggie the Zombie often hide under beds and in the cupboards to make any guests jump! But don’t worry, they are very friendly monsters who want to have some fun. If you ask them nicely before you go to sleep they’ll be sure to behave themselves.

In the haunted house, things go bump in the night,
Freddie and Ziggie will give you a fright.
But don’t be scared, and don’t run away,
They’re just friendly monsters wanting to play!

Ready to go home? Not just yet! Make sure you look for Pirate Girl in the back garden, sailing her miniature galleon around the huge pond. This is no ordinary pond – look deep and you’ll find shipwrecks, sharks, giant squids and flying fish! But with Pirate Girl you’re in safe hands. She knows the pond inside out, and she’ll make sure you’re safe.

Is it a pond, or is it the sea?
Come aboard my ship and travel with me!
We’ll hunt flying fish and fight scary sea monsters,
Search for shipwrecks and treasures, and underwater wonders.

So if you’re lucky enough to be invited to visit the crooked haunted house at the end of the quiet street in deepest, darkest London, don’t be scared. Pop in to say hello, you might be surprised…


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