If you’re planning a Christmas party, you’ll love these quick and tasty snack ideas


Some of these need just a little preparation and cooking, others just need heating in the oven. They’re all simplicity itself to make but substantial enough to satisfy hungry guests.


1. Marmalade and cranberry sausages

Cocktail sausages arrived on the party scene in the '70s and haven't looked back since. These stickily glazed mini bangers are irresistible and they take next to no time to prepare. Heat them through then let them cool for a few minutes before serving. See the recipe for our marmalade and cranberry sausages.

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Marmalade and Cranberry Sausages


2. Mini Yorkshire canapés

These bite-size Yorkshire puddings look great on a platter and take only 20 minutes to make from scratch. Serve them warm or cold, stuffed with pieces of ready-sliced topside beef and topped with horseradish. This recipe makes 12 mini Yorkshires, but you could double or treble the ingredients to make more. See the recipe for our mini Yorkshire canapés.

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Mini Yorkshire Canapès


4. Cambozola, chicory and cranberry boats

The flavours of Christmas combine to make these little savoury boats, with blue cheese, toasted pecans and cranberries making a creamy stuffing for crisp chicory leaves. See recipe for cambozola, chicory and cranberry boats.

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Cambozola and Chicory Boats


4. Christmas stilton bites

These stilton-topped canapés taste as good as they look. They take minutes to make and are deceptively inexpensive, too. The recipe makes 12 bites, but you can easily double or treble the quantities to make more. See recipe for Christmas stilton bites.

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Christmas Stilton Bites


5. Seafood Platter

Not sure what to serve your guests? Take inspiration from the ocean and opt for a seafood platter with chilli and coriander prawns, tail-on prawns, peppered mackerel, crab mousse and a subtle-yet-tangy lemon dipping sauce. 

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Seafood Platter


6. Starry pizza bites

These tomato and mozzarella bites are great for feeding a crowd, and all they need is a few minutes’ baking. You can prepare the bread stars ahead of time, then simply top them and pop them in the oven just before serving. See recipe for starry pizza bites.

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Starry Pizza Bites


7. Antipasti Sharing Selection

For the ultimate sharing centrepiece, go for a selection of sliced charcuterie with complementary cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. 

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Continental Meat and Antipasti Sharing Selection


8. Spicy chicken bites

Make these in minutes – it’s simply a case of assembling a few ingredients. The results are mouth-watering and very moreish. See the recipe for our spicy chicken bites.

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Spicy Chicken Bites


9. Mini Thai-style fishcakes

These tasty bites are a great crowd-pleaser as they're suitable for any guests with gluten or wheat allergies. The recipe serves four people, but you can double or treble up the ingredients to make more. See recipe for mini Thai-style fishcakes.

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Mini Thai-style Fish Cakes


10. Sausages Wrapped in Bacon with Rosemary

Using outdoor-bred pork with a sprig of rosemary wrapped in bacon, these chipolatas need no preparation making them perfect party food.

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Chipolata Sausages Wrapped in Bacon with Rosemary


11. Choco nut bites

Great for parties or a post-dinner coffee, for an extra touch of luxury you could add a few drops of your favourite liqueur to the chocolate mixture in place of the vanilla extract. See recipe for choco nut bites.

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Choco Nut Bites