With first day of term fast approaching, we challenged Sainsbury’s bloggers to create delicious, nutritious and fun lunch ideas. Check out these tasty delights


1. Baked vegetable frittata

Mummycentral’s easy-peasy frittata packs in the goodness with a plethora of veg.


2. Lego-themed lunch

Mummymishaps got super creative and fun with her nutritionally balanced lego packed lunch.


3. Vintage snacks

Beingmrsc went retro with cheese and chive sandwich rolls, mandarin segments and a teddy bear cupcake.


4. Pasta-tastic!

Would you believe this delicious-looking lunch is free from wheat, gluten, egg and dairy?


5. Pizza feast

…as is this ciabatta chorizo pizza feast with rice and sweetcorn and crunchy veg slices.


6. Bob the Builder bites

Kids will love this fun concoction of tomato pasta, fruit slices and veggie batons.