You may have your weekly routine nailed during the school year but things can fall out of place easily during the lazy days of summer. Here are eight ideas to speed up your morning routine this summer

Image: 8 shortcuts to speed up your morning routine this summer

Photo: Kourtlyn Lott / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: kourtlynlott


1. Start the night before

Do what you can the night before. If you have a full day out planned the next day, pack snacks or lunch beforehand, lay out what you and your kids are going to wear and check the weather forecast ahead of time so there is no mad dash for needed umbrellas.

Packing lunch

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2. Get enough sleep

Just like during the school year, not getting enough sleep the night before will only slow you down in the morning. Ensure you and your kids get enough sleep so you’re bright-eyed, and functioning optimally the next day.


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3. Give yourself time

Summer should be a time to relax for both you and the kids. Get up before the rest of the family so you have some of your own personal time in the morning. Whether it’s a quick work-out or a coffee, having some me-time will make you feel less stressed and the morning and day ahead will only go more smoothly.

Drinking coffee

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4. Stick to the same

Whichever order you do the getting dressed, the breakfast, the teeth brushing, keep it that way. Switching things around each morning will only cause unneeded chaos.

Getting ready

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5. Music timers

No one likes the sound of the morning alarm. Instead, create a morning playlist and challenge your kids to finish tasks by the end of each song – from having a short morning snooze, getting dressed to finishing their breakfast.


Photo: Kourtlyn Lott / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: kourtlynlott


6. Fast-track breakfast

Breakfast is obviously important but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Fresh fruit, cereal and toast are fast, fuss-free and light summer options. Or, try pre-making pancakes or a breakfast casserole and simply warm it up in the oven or microwave whilst everyone is getting dressed.

Bowl of granola, grapes and strawberries


7. Organise your drawers

Keep everything you need in the morning in an easy-to-find place so you’re not wasting time searching for things. The summer is a great time to simplify your make up too or use multi-purpose products. Store all your morning make-up and accessories in one place and always keep keys near additional bags you need to take with you in the morning so nothing gets forgotten or left behind.

Organised drawers

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8. Morning charts

Sometimes your kids will give you a lot of push back in the morning, from not wanting to get out of bed to dawdling to get ready. Create a morning chart and when your child does a task on time like getting dressed or finishing their breakfast, mark it with a sticker. Reward their productive behaviour with a weekly treat or more cartoon time. The summer mornings should be less stressful than term-times but it’s also a good time to smooth out your family’s routines and practise getting ready.

Star sticker

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