What would Chef Jason King do if he was stranded on a desert island? Well, he'd hang out with Brad Pitt and drink daiquiris of course!

Jason King: chef and gastro pub owner

Photograph: Lisa Linder

Jason King: chef, gastro pub owner and winner of the 2012 Gastropub Chef of the Year Award at the Wellington Arms, Baughurst, Hampshire.

You can take five ingredients on your raft, what would you take?

Limes, chillies, coriander and tomatoes so I can make something in keeping with my tropical surroundings – and a bottle of rum. I’d like coconut milk too, but hope I’ll be able to find a tree to harvest the real McCoy.

What would you make with those?

A ceviche – a seafood dish from South America. I would catch my fish (which may take a while!), then marinate the raw sliced fillets in lime juice, chilli, coriander, coconut milk and chopped tomato flesh. The lime juice will ‘cook’ the fish.

You can take a piece of kitchen equipment too, what would it be?

A blender so I can make daiquiris with my rum and the tropical fruits I will forage for. I can drink them as the sun sets.

Which books would you take?

English Food by Jane Grigson and The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander are my two kitchen favourites. I could conjure up new ideas for my kitchen back home. I’d sneak in Robinson Crusoe to read while staring out to sea and keep Ray Mears’ Outdoor Survival Handbook by my side so I can deal with any stray wildlife.

Who would be your dinner date?

Brad Pitt springs to mind, but my favourite of all would, of course, be my partner Simon.

Jason King cooks at The Wellington Arms in Baughurst, Hampshire, which he runs with Simon Page (0118 982 0110; thewellingtonarms.com).

• This piece first appeared in Sainsbury's magazine, February 2012. Interview by Sarah Randell