Spanish chef José Pizarro leaves his hot London Bridge tapas bar and is transported to our imaginary desert island

José Pizarro

Photograph: Laura Edwards

Spanish chef Jose Pizarro: you can't get into his London Bridge tapas bar at the weekends, and he's hotter than a spicy pimiento de padron

If you were stranded on a desert island, which three ingredients would you take with you?

Olive oil, which I love for its depth of flavour; lentils, because they’re just delicious and add serious weight to so many dishes; and chorizo for its fabulous flavour and versatility.

When you use a pestle and mortar, you feel much more connected with what you’re cooking

What would you rustle up for your first desert island dinner?

A lovely bowl of lentils and chorizo, followed by a gorgeous piece of fish with herbs and leaves I find on the island.

You can take one piece of equipment, what would it be?

A pestle and mortar. This is when the real caveman in me comes out – I love handling the heavy stone! It’s ergonomic and satisfying to hold. When you use a pestle and mortar, you feel much more connected with what you’re cooking than if you buy something that’s ready ground.

Which cookery book would you take for inspiration, and which would you choose for a good read?

It would have to be Angela Hartnett’s A Taste Of Home for inspiration, and Yotam Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem for pure indulgence. Angela’s quail salad with harissa is a firm favourite in my home, and Yotam’s chicken with clementines and arak is just stunning.

You can fly in a chef to cook with you – who would it be?

Without a doubt my good friend Rick Stein – we met four years ago and just clicked. We love discovering Spanish food together.

Which tapas will you miss the most?

Albondigas – my beloved meatballs! At my tapas bar, José, we make them with Ibérico pork and orange and tomato sauce.

José Pizarro has a restaurant, Pizarro, and a sherry and tapas bar, José, both in Bermondsey, London.

• This piece first appeared in Sainsbury's magazine, April 2013. Interview by Sarah Randell.