We asked YouTube star Barry Lewis all the important questions like ‘what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found at the back of your freezer’?

Image: 5 questions with Barry Lewis, Food Lover

Former kitchen-phobic Barry Lewis created his YouTube channel MyVirginKitchen to teach himself how to cook. Each episode, he’d cook something he’d never tried before and share his experiences with an engaged audience.

Now, the father-of-two is a passionate, accomplished cook and he loves to share recipes that are quick, easy and fun. His channel, now with 146,000 subscribers, is the fastest-growing UK food channel on YouTube.

We’re excited to welcome Barry to our network of Food Lovers and discover his tips and tricks for making the most of the freezer.


1. What’s in your freezer? Anything you like to stock up on?

Frozen portions of meals we've made ahead of time. Oh, and lots of bags of vegetables, generally they’re already sliced in portions & can be cooked from frozen, which keeps wastage down & saves time.


2. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever found at the back of your freezer?

Clothes pegs from the washing line. I think my daughter Phoebe put them in there!


3. What are the top three reasons you like to buy frozen products

1. Saves time / money

2. Maintains freshness 

3. Reduces waste 


4. Any tips/little known facts on using frozen food?

1. Wrap & store food in your freezer correctly & neatly to save time & space & prevent freezer burn.

2. Freezing leftover bread slices for another day saves our family a lot of money over a Year. Think the birds in the garden are missing the free giveaways though.

3. You can make banana ice cream by whizzing up a frozen banana in a blender on its own - just that one ingredient, try it!


5. As a dad of two small girls, how does the freezer help you?

The freezer is great for storing meals ahead of time, if you can get into the habit of batch cooking at the weekend & storing in the freezer for a quick week night fix, you'll save having to cook from scratch & still get a great meal. This works great for our family at dinner times.


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