Beat the heat with a homemade treat (or two)

1. Frozen yogurt pops

You can pretty much use any fruit you like for these healthier lollies. Just make sure you give them enough time to freeze before a pre-empted heatwave hits! 

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2. Black forest brownie layer

For a summery way to round off a meal, you could do a lot worse than this delicious dessert. Whizz up some frozen berries with golden syrup and icing sugar, spoon between a halved brownie and serve with a generous dollop of ice cream. Bellissimo! 


3. Super-simple fruit and yogurt lollies

As the name suggests, these really could be made with your eyes closed (though we wouldn’t recommend it). We’ve used kiwi and strawberry here for some gorgeous colour contrast, but you can swap whatever fruit you like. 


4. Summer berry ice

Transform a bunch of berries into a richly flavoured sorbet-like treat with this recipe. Tip: if you use frozen berries, you can eat immediately!


5. Fruity yogurt buttons

These were a huge hit last year so try these for a sweet healthier summer fix. No hidden tricks here, simply spoon flavoured yogurt onto a baking tray, add a slice of strawberry to each and freeze.


6. Cheat’s banana and Nutella ‘ice cream’

Frozen bananas take on an incredible ice cream-like consistency when they’re whizzed in a food processor, try it yourself. Add Nutella for a delicious nutty addition. You could also add peanut butter, chocolate sauce, strawberries – whatever gets the taste buds going.


7. 8 creative ideas for frozen snacks

If all that still isn’t enough to beat the heat, there’s more! Check out these inventive ideas including frozen fruit ice cubes, cranberry and lemonade popsicles and, for the grown-ups, double shot espresso pops. 

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