Thelma and Louise ain’t got nothing on this

Image: Road trip! 8 recipes perfect for a car journey

Planning on taking to the open road for a day out or mini break with friends or family? Rather than stocking up on service station junk, why not put in a tiny bit of effort ahead of time for some much tastier fodder fit for the road.


1. Spinach, cheese and herb pasties

Can’t face making your own pastry? Then cheat! Make these veggie delights the day before to save a little time. They’re great warm but just as delicious cold too. This recipe makes 6 pasties, but you could make 12 smaller ones.


Tip: take a little sealable pot of ketchup for dipping, and maybe pack a bottle of hot sauce for the grown-ups!


2. Red and green picnic wraps

Soft flour tortillas filled with two types of chicken filling – one satay style and one soured cream and pickles - are just the job for eating on the move. To ensure they keep their shape, wrap tightly in greaseproof paper then foil, then chill in advance for a couple of hours. This recipe makes 8 wraps, or cut into two-bite pieces to make more. For vegetarians, substitute the chicken with soft cheese, veg or salad. Delicious!


3. Posh fish finger sandwiches

Fish fingers are one of those foods that taste just as good – if not better – cold as they do straight from the oven. This is such a simple sandwich to put together. Just cook the fish fingers long enough ahead for them to cool to room temperature, then prepare the other bits and take them along in foil or plastic boxes to assemble when you’ve just gotta eat! Fabulous ciabatta elevates this from fast-food to a treat.


4. Roasted vegetable & ham pasta salad

Pasta is always a winner and kids especially love it. This is a flavour-packed recipe that’s a meal in itself, although you may want to bring along a crusty loaf to soak up the wonderful veg juices left in the tupperware. Leave out the ham for vegetarians and maybe throw in some ready-grated Cheddar for extra texture. Pack this into individual lidded lunchboxes or one big tub – just don’t forget to bring along bowls and, of course, forks!


5. Cheat’s sausage rolls

These bite-size beauties take only 15 minutes to prepare before cooking. Ready-rolled puff pastry is every bit as good as if you make it yourself (even chefs often don’t bother!) – it’s the filling that makes these taste like you’ve spent some time in a cookery school. They’re the perfect picnic or roadtrip food. Pack small pots of pickle, mustard, chutney and ketchup – or maybe take along some pickled onions – to go with them.


6. Easy maple syrup flapjacks

Not forgetting the sweet stuff when the boredom kicks in, these oaty flapjacks only require four simple ingredients you probably have in your store cupboard already. Cook for 25 minutes till chewy, or add an extra five minutes if you like them crisp.