Move over crisps and dip – we’re all about these choc-covered strawberries this year

Image: How to make the best Superbowl snack ever

We can all agree that grazing on something great is an absolute must when watching a big game on the telly – but your snacking joys don't have to start and end in the houmous pot. 


Introducing Super Bowl strawberries: the chocolate-dipped delights that the internet absolutely loves, and so do we. Oh, and they only take a matter of minutes to make. Happy days.


Here’s how to prepare yours.


Step 1

chocolate strawberry footballs

Melt 200g milk chocolate chips bain marie-style (that’s in a bowl over water at a rolling simmer), stirring continuously. Once they're completely melted, take your washed strawberries by the green stalks and dip them, one at a time, in the melted choc.


Step 2

chocolate strawberry Super Bowl snack

Once dipped, set your strawberries aside on some greaseproof paper – the chocolate will set at room temperature within a few minutes. Meanwhile, melt 50g white chocolate chips in another bain marie and carefully spoon the melted choc into a piping bag with a small nozzle. If you don’t have one, simply spoon into the corner of an unsealed sandwich bag and snip a very small hole in the corner. Gentle pipe a line across the top and bottom of one side of each strawberry.


Step 3

chocolate covered strawberry Super Bowl snacks

Finish your Super Bowl strawbs off by adding extra ball-style stitching. 


Step 4

chocolate strawberry Super Bowl snacks

Allow the chocolate to harden and dig in!