Perfect for watching the rugby with, too. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a tasty one

Look, St Patrick’s Day isn’t all about Guinness – and although we’d never turn down the opportunity to celebrate with a pint, we reckon it’s the food that really makes the occasion.


Think about it, Irish food is immense. Creamy colcannon? Love it. Leftover gammon with a poached egg for brunch? Always. Fresh mussels steamed with cabbage and bacon? Now you’re just showing off, Ireland. Stop it. Actually, don't. 


Here are the all the dishes that’ll help make 17 March a seriously delish St Patrick’s Day, whether you know how to trace a shamrock on your pint or not.


Steak and Guinness pie

Mary Berry's steak and Guinness pie

Via: PR

Guinness, steak and pie – what could be better? Serving this dish with cheesy mash, that’s what.


Fish pie with colcannon topping

fish pie with colcannon topping

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Kate Whitaker

Guinness, steak and pie – what could be better? Serving this dish with cheesy mash, that’s what.



Possibly the best mash dish ever – it’s got butter, it’s got milk, and it's got spring onions so it’s green and totally fine. Technically a side dish, but don’t be fooled – this one can carry its own.


Maple and miso glazed gammon

Gammon is an Irish staple, which is the perfect excuse to roast, boil or slow-cook up a joint. This recipe slathers it in a maple and miso glaze, so it’s all sticky and gorgeous and perfect served with traditional cabbage and mash. Those leftovers in a sarnie the next day will be next level too.


Beer and bacon mussels with savoy cabbage

Ireland is all about beautiful fresh seafood, and these mussels are served with beer, bacon and cabbage. Do you need another reason?


Salmon with a dill crust

Another fab seafood option – this salmon has a crunchy dill crust that will make the house smell beautiful for your big get together.


Soda bread

soda bread recipe

Via:  Sainsbury's

It’s a must – and you can dip it in the beer and bacon mussel broth. Sourdough who?


Irish coffee

It wouldn’t be St Paddy’s Day without it. Forget dessert – this cracking boozy, creamy coffee is the only way to end a meal. A far more successful crowd pleaser than ice cream.


Potato farls

potato farls recipe

Via:  Sainsbury's

Something for breakfast the next day – comfort food at its ultimate. Add whatever veggies you want, or keep it traditional and eat on its own. Grand.