Making the right choice of fish can be difficult, here's our 5 top things for you to know about fish before you make the decision

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1. Our Fishmongers are there to help

It's easy to choose and have fish prepared at Sainsbury's instore fish counters. In fact, our experts will do most of the work for you. Not only can you pick up fish that has been cleaned and filleted for you instore, but there are plenty of different varieties to pick up in the pre packed chiller cabinets too.

Our fish counters brim with fresh fish

2. What to look for when buying fish

Fish should smell fresh and of the sea. Whole fish should have bright eyes and scales. Our friendly staff will guide you around the different varieties of fish we sell and can give advice if you're not sure what to choose.

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3. How to prepare fish

Filleting for super quick cooking:

  • Use a sharp filleting knife with a flexible blade.
  • Rub a little salt into the end of the tail to take a grip.
  • Make a small cut into the fish near the salty tail and then angle the balde of the knife so that it is almost flat.
  • Work the knife between the flesh and the skin, pulling the skin towards you as the knife cuts away.
  • The flesh should come away easily, leaving just the skin behind.
Fish filleting

4. Different ways of cooking


The rule of thumb is to cook fish until the flesh has become opaque and flakes easily with a fork. For a crispy skinned fish, heat a pan and add a knob of butter and some oil. As the butter foams, add the fish, skin side down. Sear for a few minutes until crisp. Turn the fillet over lightly press into the pan with a fish slice. Cook for a minute or so and then test with a fork.


Always preheat the grill before you put the fish on the grill pan.  Line the grill pan with foil and lightly grease it. Top with the fish and add  your aromatics, herbs or butter. Until the surface of the fish is golden.

Can it be cooked from frozen?

Yes, most filleted fish can be cooked from frozen, but check the pack before you get cooking. Prawns can also be cooked from frozen, making them a really quick super idea anytime of the week.

Our fishmongers can skin, de-bone and fillet your fish at the counter. They can even pop your chosen fish into a vacuum sealed, oven-ready bag and offer you a free flavoured butter or marinade to make cooking easier.

Fish in bag

5. What's on the box

45% of TV chefs are always telling us to cook fish and a staggering 35% of TV documentaries are about fishing and the fishing industry.

We are here to help with your choice of fish