Find out what weird stuff Becky Wiggins likes to freeze in our probing questions and answers

Image: 6 questions with Becky Wiggins, Food Lover

Mum-of-two Becky Wiggins is passionate about food, travel and parenting and shares all her experiences on her popular blog, We’re excited to welcome Becky to our network of Food Lovers, and we look forward to tapping into her expertise when it comes to using the freezer to make life easier at home.


1. What is your favourite frozen food cheat?

My favourite cheat is fish pie mix. I always have a couple of bags in the freezer.  I poach the fish in milk with some herbs, reserve the milk to make a simple sauce then combine it with the fish and top with mash or serve it on a bed of rice.  It’s a family favourite.


2. What are your family’s top three most-used frozen ingredients?

1. Probably the good old frozen pea – they go into risottos and are a great standby vegetable.
2. Butter.  I do lots of baking so always buy extra and pop it in the freezer so I never run out.
3. Chopped onions.  So much nicer than weeping your way through a fresh one!

3. What’s in your freezer? Anything you like to stock up on?

I have two freezers and they’re always full (it’s more energy efficient to keep them full too).  My dad has a beautiful garden with a lovely old apple tree. I pick as many as I can, peel, core and chop them and then freeze them ready for lovely apple pies and crumbles throughout the year.  I do the same with bought raspberries and strawberries. They’re great for smoothies and desserts.  I have teenagers so there’s lots of bread in there too ready for piles of toast.

4. What's the weirdest thing you've ever frozen?

Egg whites.  I do it all the time – they freeze very well and are great for making meringues.

5. If we were to challenge to you cook a meal using entirely frozen ingredients, what would you cook?

A pie, probably. I’ve got pastry, stock, meat and vegetables in there ready to go.

6. What are your three nuggets of freezer wisdom?

  • Buy a permanent marker and label everything. You might think you’ll remember what it is, but you’ll be surprised how soon you forget.
  • Dairy products like milk, butter and cheese freeze really well, but cream and yogurt tend to separate.
  • If you buy, or make, a fresh loaf and only eat half of it, slice the rest and freeze it.  Perfect to pop straight in the toaster or to make eggy bread.

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