From easy whip omelettes to batch-made lunches, you can now say no to crazy mornings with these time-saving brekkie secrets – the perfect way to have a composed start to the new school term

Image: 7 tasty ways to save time on your morning foodie routine

Via: Homemade


1. Grab a super-quick morning snack

These easy peanut butter, cinnamon and banana wrap bites can be made in seconds if you’re running out the door, plus they're pretty tasty. The ultimate weapon for school runs and hectic mornings.


2. Whip up an egg white omelette in no time

If you do have time for breakfast at home, try this easy spinach egg white omelette. You get to cut out the most time-consuming part and show off with this egg-separating trick. We promise you, this hack will change your egg-cracking life.


3. Nail the perfect overnight bircher

This variation on classic porridge can be made in advance to save valuable morning minutes. To get in on the bircher action, prepare this treat on a Sunday evening, then add the extra ingredients in the morning for breakfast or pour into a Tupperware box for a kids' takeaway version. Make a big batch and you'll have breakfast sorted for the next couple of days. Breakfast win.

Nail the perfect overnight Bircher

Via: Homemade


4. Cut cherry tomatoes like a ninja

If you’re always prepping the kids’ lunchboxes or your own lunchtime salad in the morning, you'll know every second counts. Chopping cherry tomatoes individually takes an age, so try this genius tomato hack and you’ll never look back.


5. Stop chopped apples going brown

A chopped apple is a great addition a lunchbox, whether it's for you or the kids, but by the time lunchtime rolls around they’ve often turned brown. Stop them from going discoloured by holding your slices together with an elastic band.


6. Batch make some lunchbox sandwiches

Make a big batch of sandwiches on a Sunday night using airtight freezer bags and they’ll last for up to four to six weeks in the freezer. Classic ham and cheese, chicken, or even peanut butter sarnies work perfectly. But steer clear of anything too watery: lettuce and tomato will make a frozen sandwich soggy. In the morning, take one straight from the freezer, put it in a lunchbox and it'll have thawed by lunchtime. 


7. Never forget your keys or lunch again

There’s nothing worse than a) losing your car keys every morning and b) leaving the house and realising you’ve left your packed lunch behind. Sort out two problems with one solution by keeping your car keys on top of your lunchbox in the fridge.