We love oats! With their slow-release energy, an oaty breakfast really does set you up for the day, but there’s much more to oat cuisine than you might think

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Image: 7 things you can make with oats besides porridge

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1. Oaty biscuits

Crumbly and oat-so-good, these oaty biscuits are the perfect match for a long, tall glass of milk. Easy to make with kids, they’re great for filling a gap between meals. If you’d rather pass on a glass of milk to go with them, there’s always a steaming hot cuppa instead! Take a look at our video to see how to make these tasty blueberry and oaty cookies.

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2. Make your own granola

Mix oats with dried fruit, nuts and honey, then bake till golden and crunchy – it’s easy to gobble by the handful but better served with berries and yogurt. The possibilities for personalisation are endless – who in the family can create the most irresistible recipe?

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Granola recipe

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3. Oaty banana mini muffins

Add some texture to these golden-topped muffins with our delicious by Sainsbury’s Scottish porridge oats. Baked in 15 minutes, these cute little muffins are great to make for snacking on-the-go.

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4. Flapjacks

These church fête favourites are another oaty treat that begs for customisation. Add raisins, chocolate chips, dried apples, salted caramel, mini marshmallows or any number of other goodies. Either adapt our basic recipe with apple and blackberries or use this super-sticky flapjack mix which includes marshmallows.

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5. Make your mince go further

Add oats to recipes that use minced meat to make the mixture lighter, and go further. Use up to 100g porridge oats for every 500g of mince with a little extra stock or Worcestershire sauce – the oats will take on the flavour of the dish and you won’t even notice they’re there.

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6. Let’s get ready to crumble

As British as any dessert could be, oats bring body and crunch to a crumble topping. Almost any fruit can make a great crumble: try berry, rhubarb and lime in the spring, strawberries and blueberries in summer, variations on the classic apple crumble in autumn, and frozen fruit at any time of year.

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7. Have fun with the kids

Oats make great homemade modelling clay. Mix 1 part oats with two-thirds flour and one-half water for a non-toxic dough that stays workable for hours and sets hard overnight. Add food dye to the water for a splash of colour, and whiz up the oats in a food processor first for a really smooth clay.

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Child making image

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