These tasty recipes will help minimise the amount of food that ends up in the bin. Find out how

Image: 7 delicious veggie dishes straight from the freezer

Did you know that many veggie favourites can be cooked using ingredients straight from the freezer? Pretty handy if find yourself throwing lots of food away before you get the chance to cook it. 


1. Green beans and mixed peppers with cumin

This makes a tasty supper or lunch dish served with rice, naan, other flatbreads or crusty bread. The cumin gives it a warming Asian twist which makes it a great side for a curry, roast lamb or chicken. Everything except the oil and spice comes straight from the freezer, which means no more chucking fresh veg away when you haven't got round to cooking it. To make it a touch more luxurious, you can add a swirl of coconut milk in the final minute of cooking if you like. See recipe for Green beans and mixed peppers with cumin.


2. Broccoli and pepper medley

If your vegetable intake could do with pepping up, try this Asian-style stir-fry. It’s literally ready in minutes and will satisfy meat eaters as well as vegetarians. To make it into a more substantial meal, throw in a packet of ready-cooked noodles from the in-store chiller shelves. See recipe for Broccoli and pepper medley.


3. Veggie cottage pies

These cute individual pies are impressive enough to serve to guests yet are ready to go in less than half an hour. Even the mash is microwaveable from frozen, but it’s so tasty you’d never guess it hadn’t taken ages to prepare. What’s wrong with taking a few shortcuts when the results are this good? See recipe for Veggie cottage pies.


4. Crispy mash hash

Good, old-fashioned comfort food is always welcome during the colder months. This wonderfully satisfying crispy hash uses only five ingredients and is ready in under 20 minutes. To make a more substantial lunch or supper dish, top with fried or poached eggs. See recipe for Crispy mash hash.


5. Speedy veggie Moroccan stew

Like many traditional Moroccan dishes, this includes a spicy kick from harissa, and this recipe uses frozen chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables to add the characteristically sweet notes. Ready-made falafel and frozen or tinned ingredients mean it’s quick to prepare, but the result has all the flavours of a slow-cooked tagine. See recipe for Speedy veggie Moroccan stew.


6. Cheddar, bean and spinach burgers with hot tomato salsa

All the ingredients in these veggie burgers can be bought pre-prepared in-store, so they take little effort without compromising on taste. The hot salsa is the perfect accompaniment to the burgers, and would be great as a dip for breadsticks or crudités as well. See recipe for Cheddar, bean and spinach burgers with hot tomato salsa.


7. Creamy garden spinach

If you often find yourself using up half a bag of spinach and the other half ending up in the bin a few days later, this is the recipe for you. This delicious side dish goes well with roast meats, chicken or pies, and the garlic adds a delicious kick. It’s a lower-fat version of the classic creamed spinach as it uses lighter crème fraîche, so you get all the indulgence without as many calories. See recipe for Creamy garden spinach.


8. Pea and mint soup

A speedy soup recipe means you can fix yourself a warming lunch almost as soon as you fancy it. This quantity gives four servings, so you can make it at the beginning of the week and eat it each day. If you make it at the weekend, you’ll have extra on hand for any unexpected visitors, too. It’s delicious served with garlic croutons or some fresh, crusty bread. See recipe for Pea and mint soup.