With the highest amount of responsibly caught fish stocked by a retailer in the UK, you know that when you sizzle that mackerel it has had the best possible journey to your plate

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So what is sustainable fish all about?

Heard of the  MSC?  They are the official body that makes sure fish is 'grown', cared for and then caught  in a way that makes sure there will be plenty of fish stocks in our oceans for generations to come.  And, believe it or not, we are the UK's largest retailer of  Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood. We've set the bar high and have promised that by 2020, all Sainsbury's fish will be independently certified as sustainable.

Sustainable fish

5 great fish recipes

Who shall have a fishy?  As the folk song goes... these 5 recipes are all made with sustainable fish, are incredibly easy to make and are ideal for anytime of the day, week or year.

fish recipes

So here's how it's done

Get your bivalves muddled with your moluscs? Does the skin on fish makes yours crawl? Our how to videos will help you  in the kitchen, giving you a stack of know how the next time you walk past the fish counter in one of our stores.

5 must know facts about fish

Read on for tricks on how to skin, fillet, slice and dice, plus all the 'know how' on cooking these slippery beauties. And, did you know that we give away flavoured butters that you can add to your fish as they cook? 

Fishy tales


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