Not sure how much of your favourite food you're meant to eat? We’ve got your back with this portion-size guide (and it uses everyday objects to make it even easier)

Image: This portion-size guide using everyday objects will blow your mind

Via: Sainsbury's

How much is too much pasta? Is there really a limit on how many grapes you should eat? 


When you’re trying to be healthy, it's not so much what you eat, but how much that really matters. Portion control is key: but it's also really difficult (unless you want to carry kitchen scales around with you to measure everything you eat).


Which is why we've created this handy portion-size cheat sheet comparing your favourite foods to everyday objects. And some of them might surprise you (we're looking at you, Pringles).


Almonds: 30g

Almonds - portion sizes

Via: Sainsbury's

Yes, they're a healthier snack. But don’t snaffle that whole bag. The recommended portion is no bigger than your trusty Oyster card.


Blueberries: 80g

Blueberries - portion sizes

Via: Sainsbury's

A portion is basically a handful… Or a small tube of toothpaste, if you'd rather.


Butter: 10g

Bitter - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Crumpets absorb butter like nobody's business, so go steady and don't use more than two dice-sized pieces.


Cheddar: 30g

Cheddar - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Slice it nice and thin (or even better, grate your matchbox-sized block) and it’ll still fill that sarnie.


Chips: 125g

Chips - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

We like our portion artfully stacked to the size of a kitchen sponge.


Cornflakes: 30g

Cornflakes - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Don't overfill that bowl. A recommended serving is only this big.


Fish: 140g

Fish - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Click bait this ain't. Your fish portion should be about the size of a computer mouse.


Granola: 50g

Granola - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

More of a sprinkle-on-top than a bowlful, your granola portion should be the size of an iPhone 6.


Grapes: 80g

Grapes - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Grapes are healthy, but a recommended portion is no bigger than a glasses case. We've got our eye on you.


Ice cream: 56g

Ice cream - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

One (generous) scoop portion looks like a ball of string (but tastes much better).


Jam: 23g

Jam - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

All that jam you've been slathering on your toast? Well, you need to chill out: it should be no bigger than the size of an ice cube.


Ketchup: 15g

Ketchup - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

A portion of ketchup is about the diameter of a tea light. How illuminating.


M&Ms: 41g

M&Ms - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Time to measure up: that Friday night M&M-fest should be no bigger than a 30cm ruler. What an impressive line up.


Mash: 200g

Mash - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Nutritionists recommend your midweek mash portion should only be the size of your fist. Or a tennis ball. Whichever is easier.


Mayo: 15g

Mayo - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

A portion of mayo is the size of a pencil sharpener? That's about how much we put on one chip! Oops.


Nut butter: 20g

Nut butter - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

No bigger than a lipstick? This is driving us nuts.


Nutella: 37g

Nutella - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Keep a champagne cork to hand when you're dishing up the Nutella – that's about the size of a sensible portion. And no second helpings.


Pasta: 75g

Pasta - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

We ALWAYS make too much pasta. But now we can measure it out in a takeaway coffee cup. Genius. 


Pistachios: 30g

Pistachios - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

A portion of pistachios is about the size of a packet of tissues. Who knew? Just don’t try and count them – you’ll go nuts.


Pringles: 30g

Pringles - portion size

Via: Homemade

Once you pop... you know what happens. But you really do need to stop once you've eaten 12 of those Pringles. So that’s not a whole tin then *sob*


Raisins: 30g


Via: Sainsbury's

Remember a sticky note when you're portioning out those raisins. OK, we’ve got the message.


Red meat: 70g

Red meat - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Keep your poker face and make sure your portion of red meat is about the size of deck of cards.


Salad dressing: 15ml

Salad dressing - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Stop drowning those leaves in dressing! A portion of salad dressing is about the size of a teabag. Just don't put the teabag in your salad too.


Strawberries: 80g

Strawberries - portion size

Via: Sainsbury's

Six? Yep. That's a portion of strawberries – about the size of a small purse. 


Portion size data according to food packaging and correct as of June 2016. Please remember portion control is part of a healthy balanced diet.