When Google Translate goes oh-so-wrong on your dinner

Ahh, the summer holidays. Time to travel abroad, soak up a bit of sun and treat yourself to lazy lunch of…what, WHAT is that on the menu?


Sometimes Google Translate lets you down so badly with words that should never be seen on a menu colliding with things that should never be done to food or other inanimate objects. Please be upstanding for the dishes from hell...


1. Pork a la you

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Pork a la human

Via: Melanie Brinkman / engrish.com

Ummm, can we just have it grilled instead?


2. Chocolate rainbow

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Via: twitter.com / MostlyMenus

When we said we’d eat anything made of chocolate, we lied.


3. Fantasy aubergine

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A dish for dinner? Or an instruction for a spy in a sci-fi novel?


4. Posh chicken

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Look, it was the chicken's birthday last week. She deserved a treat.


5. Trout and about

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Trout in jumper

Via: Robert Ennals / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr:​ Robennals

Speaking of clothes, has anyone seen that jumper we lent to the trout at Christmas?


6. Papa don't preach

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She's made up her mind, she's... gonna have the hot and sour potatoes, actually.


7. Any unattended spouses will be cooked

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When he said he was making the lunch...


8. Nectar of the geeks

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Wimpy wine

Via: Caleb Brown & David Tralagganengrish.com

Oh, Wimpy's have branched out into the wine business, have they?


9. Bad breakfast

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Ever get the feeling that the chef just can't be bothered anymore?


10. Like, you know...

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This guy's not even pretending to care anymore.