A round up of the food and drink products everyone is talking about

Image: 5 food trends you really need to know about

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If you want to know what's going to be hot in next year's food trends, Taste of London is the place to go. Recently returning to Regent's Park for its 11th year and with more than 200 producers showcasing their wares and 40 top London restaurants serving up their best dishes - it's four days worth of foodie heaven. 


Here are the 5 foodie trends that had everyone talking this year:



1. Boozy ice cream

The kiddie treat is finally growing up - it seems everyone is tipping some tipple on their dessert. We tried a Menabrea beer sorbet from La Gelatiera and opinion was divided. Some thought it was punchy and refreshing, while others said it just tasted like weird cold beer. Still, the little sample of gin and tonic ice cream created by a collaboration between Jude's Ice Cream and Sipsmith got a universal thumbs up. Gin and ice cream - what's not to love?

Beer gelato

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2. Coffee and tea as mixers

Sticking on the gin theme (it's a trend people, not just our preferred drink of choice - honestly), Sandows were mixing a shot of their cold brew coffee with gin and tonic. It gave the drink even more of a savoury flavour. They also had a lightly carbonated nitro cold brew coffee, which could make a change for those who nail Red Bull for breakfast.


Tea was also on the menu at Massis, who served up a shot of their espresso-style tea, Tey, with a dash of lemon and lime, topped with Prosecco. That's afternoon tea sorted, in one glass.

Coffee gin and tonic

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3. Coconut jerky

There were more coconut water vendors than we could shake a palm tree at, but we were particularly intrigued by coconut jerky. That's right, the meaty snack has gone veggie. MightyBee and raw-food expert Lorena Loriato had two jerky flavours made from the dried flesh of the coconut: barbecue and teriyaki. And v tasty they were, too.

Coconut jerky

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4. Pickle juice

Forget superfoods, now it's all about the superliquids. Apparently pickle juice claims electrolyte health benefits that make it perfect for a post-workout shot. Try it as a part of a Pickle House Pickleback - that's a shot of whisky followed by a shot of the sour stuff, for those of you not in the know. We tried it both on its own and in a Bloody Mary (hard work, we know). It's tart yet slightly sweet, and despite ourselves, we actually quite liked it.

Pickle juice

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5. Brew-in-the-bag coffee

Who needs coffee in a cup, when you can brew it in a bag. This ingenious little pouch was invented by some clever Danish people at Grower's Cup (it won an iF Design Award this year). Just pour hot water straight into the bag and it filters through freshly ground Fairtrade coffee. Leave it for a few minutes then pour your brew out the little spout on the side. Now we just need a Danish pastry in a bag to go with it. 

Brew in the bag coffee

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