The latest foodie event that only a few people know about … so far

How about some brekkie with your yoga?

We're all fans of brunch (eggs benedict, bacon and maple syrup, breakfast cocktails – yes please) but now it seems the health crew have got their hands on the concept. These days you have to work up an appetite for bottomless prosecco brunches by doing an exercise class first, then you can dig in knowing that you’ve probably just about evened the scales out.


Brunch + exercising = brexercising, see?


So where can I find a brexercise place?

Popular Indian restaurant Dishoom recently hosted an event called RISE, which saw 100 people doing yoga in their King's Cross building followed by homemade granola, chai and fresh juices.


The Ace Hotel in east London has also been on the brexercising tip too, offering a boxfit class followed by a three-course brunch and cocktails from Hoi Polloi. While the hyped Psycle brunch club crew pedal like crazy before egg-white omelettes with smoked salmon at Newman Street Tavern at the weekends.


Meanwhile, there’s a whole breakfast festival called No Small Talk Before Breakfast planned in Shoreditch from 17-19 July, which includes a silent disco fitness class followed by Spoon Cereals' breakfast bowl, cold press juice, and tea or coffee.


Elsewhere, Bristol’s Yoga Brunch offers a breakfast of frittata and sourdough toast after a downward dog session, and in Harrogate, Sweaty Betty partnered with Filmore and Union cafe offer some chilled sun salutations followed by a nourishing brunch afterwards.

Have fruit and yogurt ever looked so pretty? 


Why is this a 'thing' at the moment?

Pablo Flack, director of Hoi Polloi and creator of their brexercise sessions said it’s a kick back against those health-tyrant fun-sponge types: “We've been talking about balance, non-faddy approaches to keeping fit and healthy and how to eat some delicious healthy food but wash it down with a glass of wine. The fitness world can get pious and preachy so the idea of some heavy exercise followed by a brunch with booze seemed like a better way forward.”


That said though, it might also have become popular because trendsetters are getting a little more health-conscious: “The younger crowd are more into looking after themselves now. They'd also rather drop £50 on a nice meal than on an all-night bender."

After reaching for the sky, yogis reach for their breakfast at Dishoom


What sort of food is big at these events?

It’s not all just Instagrams of #avocadotoast (although that does feature heavily). Pimped-up grains are popular dishes, with homemade granola and yogurt or almond milk. Or for post-workout protein, eggs are always a mainstay on the menu: from poached on sourdough toast through to omelettes and frittatas loaded with veggies, ham or salmon.


While some brexercise sessions are a bit more virtuous with smoothies and superfood juices, clearly you’re going to want to book in somewhere that offers breakfast cocktails as part of the deal, too – you’ve earned it, after all.

Yep, we'd definitely work out for a plate of hot smoked salmon hash at Hoi Polloi


Right – so how much does it cost, then?

It varies from place to place, but an exercise class with food and drinks afterwards should cost from £15 to £30, and it's worth it knowing you’ve worked for your brunch.


Pablo adds: “I find brunch cocktails taste so much better after sweating it out ​with some high intensity exercise. A few people thought the classes might be a little more easy-going than they actually are. A guy came out of the 'frame barre' class in disbelief; they really put you through it. But then you really do deserve that brunch! Life is about balance, after, all​.”


He’s right, you know. Where do we sign up?